Aleix Ventayol

Aleix Ventayol

Backend Team Lead, Business Partner, Full-Stack Engineer

Aleix is our experienced CTO and full-stack engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset. Since 2001, his main focus had been on backend development and later mobile platforms. In the past few years, Aleix has worked as a CTO and as a developer on some hugely successful projects with thousands of daily users.

Product quality, delivery and team management are some of Aleix's main passions. He’s ready and willing to learn anything new, and is not scared to try the unknown if it may improve his results and the products of the companies he works with.

Aleix has a huge amount of experience building native iOS and Android apps, as well as backend development using PHP, Yii, Symfony or similar frameworks (some NodeJS too) and working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Aleix is our backend team leader. He has the knowledge and the experience to define and create the best architecture that fits any project's needs.