Mobile Website & Back End Development

Challenging development to build the mobile version for one of the most recognized brands in flight, hotel and car searching.

Since 2013, mobile devices took the lead in internet usage over traditional desktops. Mobile users are more ruthless too, spending on average 40% less time on a site than desktop users. We had to make Skyscanner's responsive site ultra clean and straightforward to engage and retain users.

The Challenge

We built a middleware that sits between Skyscanner’s existing API and the new front-end which used the Yii framework. We we’re also required to create JavaScript filtering of the hotel and maps displaying locations.

We had to seamless integrate with Skyscanner's team, to ensure great communication and project organization.

Our Approach

Our developers built from scratch both the back-end libraries and the front-end styles to ensure no unneeded code was being loaded.

We also performed a high quantity of testing to ensure perfect performance level and overall build quality.

Mobile Focused

We paid a lot of attention to mobile performance and simplicity to ensure the website loaded as fast as possible and that it was supported by the vast majority of the mobile browsers and devices.

Data Syncronization

We built an entire middleware platform that had to communicate with an already working API and we developed a powerful caching system to boost performance and ensure data consistency.


No ‘out-of-the-box’ frameworks were used for the front-end to ensure we weren’t holding onto big chunks of code from unused libraries, overkilling the problems we needed to solve.

User Experience

By thoroughly testing the entire website we were able to greatly polish the UX and deliver a product that meets the highest levels of quality available in the market.

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