Mobile Friendly eCommerce Development

We received a super challenging design and developed the eCommerce site for one of the most successful online shoe retailers in Spain.

Having successfully running and maintaining the first version of the platform, Shopiteca contacted us for a full redesign, with mobile and SEO optimization in mind. We developed the new platform using Prestashop and based on a great design provided by Bildi Grafiks.

The Challenge

We needed to build a mobile optimized PrestaShop website. Whilst this open source software has a huge variety of functionality pre-built, we had to extend it and create lots of tailor-made modules to fit with Shopiteca’s business needs and logistics.

The graphic design was very intricate and it had to adapt to many different screen resolutions. Whilst this increased the complexity of the project, it also made it much more fun.

Our Approach

As Shopitecha’s design was completely custom, we built a unique template crafting all layouts from scratch. Instead of using a single responsive theme, we created a separate one specifically optimized for mobile devices. This allowed us to provide the user with a simpler and more intuitive experience.

We also created a custom logistics and business logic tool, where we had to actively deal with external providers in order to create modules that connect Shopiteca’s ecommerce platform with third-party services.

Mobile Optimized Design

Shopiteca’s existing website was not optimized for mobile, but together with Bildi Grafiks we’ve worked to fill that gap and provide Shopiteca’s clients the best user experience with a mobile optimized theme.


We’ve find-tuned the website, created stress tests and actively worked in partnership with Shopiteca’s server administrators to build a stable, fast loading and high-performance website, even when experiencing high-traffic sale days.

SEO Optimized

Migrating an existing website is a delicate job when considering SEO. From creating proper redirects to structured data, we have applied all necessary techniques and practises to make sure Shopiteca’s search engine ranking would stay high and keep growing.

Custom Modules

We developed many custom tools and modules for PrestaShop to match Shopiteca’s logistics and business logic, communicating with third party services.

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