iOS Application and Web Administration Panel

MyMoments helps mentally disabled patients to express themselves through digital imagery.

MyMoments and the EDI Institute have introduced a new methodology with a resilience plan for people with disabilities. Through an easy and user-friendly image editing application, users can express themselves as they've never been able to before, with no technical knowledge required.

The Challenge

This project required us to design and develop an easy to use app that was suitable for those who may have never used a tablet or smartphone before. The application had to be powerful enough to bring image editing with complex filters such as blurs, cropping, overlays (watermarks), frames and more. The application had to support both portrait and landscape orientations, and was required to run on older iOS devices too such as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

MyMoments required a cloud based system where participants can upload their pictures and facilitators can build slideshows, manage the pictures and have complete control during workshops. These resilience tools allowed users to export their creations as personal cards, image albums and as videos based on a collection of images to music.

MyMoments is a healthcare application and as such, must comply with strict, high security and data protection standards.

Our Approach

We built an iOS application with an easy to use and customisable UI for non-technical people. The app was built with intuitive gestures and buttons, free from complex and hidden interactions.

To accommodate for the cloud system, we built a flexible and scalable backend panel, capable of adding new modules to expand the platform. We also created a custom API to communicate with both the application and the admin panel. The cloud system has to be safe and securely encrypted in compliance with health care law regulations in the United States.

To this day, we still have constant communication with the MyMoments team, bringing new ideas and innovations. We love to check in with them to see how the company is progressing and hear about new innovations on the horizon.

Easy Interface

Customized, intuitive interface and smooth user experience based on simple interactions. No hidden or complex features to make anyone capable of being a MyMoments patient regardless of tech knowledge.

Offline Mode

Some workshops conducted by MyMoments are held in closed networks (hospitals) or even places with low connectivity (3G/4G), we built the application with offline capability, with the created images uploaded when online connectivity is available.

Backend Panel

A fully customized panel, which allowed facilitators to share images in a workshop, create slideshows and offer tools to improving the patient's resilience programs. All under a law-compliant safe system.

Resilience Tools

The ability to bring the edited images to life by printing them in several different sizes (business card, A4 sheet, etc) and generating videos of the images to music, helping patients remembering key-facts of their resilience steps.

“I have worked with many different software companies in my career. You are all by far the best I’ve ever worked with.”

- Steven Koppel | MyMoments, EDI Institute

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