67% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website than they are from a website not optimized for devices other than desktop. If you don't address the mobile audience, you're missing out on a huge and growing customer base.


Recent statistics show an exponential increase of mobile device usage for web browsing. However, network speed is slow on mobile networks and the user's attention span is very short. We make sure your mobile website performs to its best on any device out there.

User-centered Design

Mobile devices have less screen real-estate. That's an obvious fact. However, the solution to this is not just about fitting everything on a smaller screen, but about reworking the content, making it responsive and focusing on what is actually important.

It's Not Just About Content

Mobile websites aren't just for content consumption, but they are interactive tools to buy clothing, book airline tickets and to make dinner reservations. All those processes need to be perfectly optimized in order to deliver a flawless experience and to maximize conversions.

New Frontiers

The Mobile Web landscape is constantly evolving. New usage patterns arise faster and faster and it's hard to keep up with the behavior of younger generations. We at Mobile Jazz are constantly educating, experimenting and reinventing ourselves to stay up to date with the latest trends. We're always one step ahead.

Mobile Performance Lab

The challenge when developing for mobile is the sheer amount of devices and screen sizes that need to be supported.

Here at Mobile Jazz we have our own in-house Mobile Performance Lab and are able to test and evaluate the performance of your mobile website for 99% of all devices available in the market and can guarantee the best experience possible for your users.

We will help you succeed in the new mobile era.

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