Extend Your Apps

67% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website than they are from a website not optimized for devices other than desktop. If you don't address the mobile audience, you're missing out on a huge and growing customer base.

The Latest Watch OS

The opearting system of the smartwatches are getting more features and capabilities. Apps will run faster, and give more information and more interaction to the user experience. Keep your app updated or improve it by allowing it to run with the latest versions.

A Great Companion

Wearables can be a very helpful device when speaking about health, security or quick actions (as a shortcut for the big applications). Internet of Things is also increasing allowing new connectivity between devices bringing new scenarios.

Simple but useful information

Wearables are small, have smaller screens and less ways to interact with them, however, they can be very powerful at giving specific information at specific timing avoiding extra actions.

Instant actions

Looking your tasks for today, the meeting times, how much you’ve run or just sending a predefined message, all of these are quick actions that can be made with an smartwatch connected to your application. It’s not about doing a lot, but becoming handy when it’s specially needed.

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