SDK Knowledge

The open source nature of the Android SDK leverages the best minds around the world. We are committed in principle and practice to lead by example and create the greatest feats in Android engineering.

Android User Experience

Our specialized team of Android engineers and designers draw on more than a decade of combined experience. The wide variety of smartphones, tablets and computers using Android require a deep understanding to create useful applications for your users.

Android Wear

Millions of powerful devices are swarming our world, even using our bodies to gather data. We can help you build for the Internet of Things.

Fragmentation and Testing

Android can be ran on over 2,000+ devices which can be a huge threat to quality assurance. Our expert QA team is capable of testing applications on thousands of devices, ensuring your new app’s build quality and a fantastic user experience for all.

Optimize Web Applications

Are your web apps and websites correctly displayed on Android phones and tablets? We ensure perfect performance across platforms without the need for a native application developed from scratch.

Open Source

We love Open Source and frequently use, build and contribute to projects to save you time and money.

Mobile Technologies

We can help you to take advantage of the latest techniques and built-in technologies.

  • Mobile analytics
  • Social frameworks: integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more
  • Location-aware applications, such as proximity marketing
  • Mobile coupons and QR-Codes
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Mobile websites and stores
  • In-game advertising

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