We are hiring!

We believe that Mobile is the next big thing and are working on a range of products and services to disrupt existing industries with fresh concepts and upcoming mobile technologies.

We have a beautiful 9th floor office in the center of Barcelona, equipped with a kitchen and a (mostly) sunny terrace as well as a Playstation and Wii for the mental breaks.

Currently Open Positions

Other Positions

We’re not currently hiring for these other positions, but feel free to submit your details and we’ll hold on to them for when a position opens.

If you've any questions regarding working with Mobile Jazz please contact us at jobs@mobilejazz.com

Jobs API

For bonus points apply through our API!

POST to https://mobilejazz.com/jobs/apply

With Content-Type set to "application/json", and a JSON document as body with the following keys:

  • "name": Your real name as a String
  • "email": Your e-mail address where we can contact you as a String
  • "about": Why you think you’re the right person to get the job done, String
  • "urls": Array of Strings, with URLs describing yourself. You can include as many as you want, like your LinkedIn profile, GitHub, BitBucket, MasterBranch, etc.
  • "teams": Array of strings, with one or more positions you wish to apply for. The values must be from the following: android, ios, windows, backend, frontend, design.