Transforming the
Healthcare Industry
Through Digital Technology

Transforming the
Healthcare Industry
Through Digital

We Have Partnered With
Medical Companies and
Startups in the Health Technology Space

To Build and Deploy Solutions in Hospitals Across the Globe

To Build and Deploy
Solutions in Hospitals
Across the Globe

Innovating and Bringing
Fresh Ideas to a Fortune 500
Healthcare Company

"Since we hired Mobile Jazz
I've started to see smiles and happiness in my team again."
Eduardo Chavez - CTO Medtronic EMEA

Saving People's Lives From
Anaphylactic Shocks by Using a
Portable Device Combined With
Intelligent Software

"We're now one step closer
to reducing the impact of
anaphylaxis worldwide."

Faster Recoveries From Accidents
and Surgeries by Applying
Augmented Reality and Machine
Learning in Healthcare Applications

"Mobile Jazz has helped us
shine in the Silicon Valley
since 2014."

Smart Electronic Muscle
Stimulation Device for Back
Pain Relief

"Mobile Jazz helped us build
a certified, trusted mobile

Mymoments Helps Patients With a
Wide Range of Diagnoses Including
Cancer, Mental Illness, Addiction,
Autism, and Chronic Pain

“Mobile Jazz's visionary app has
unlocked endless possibilities.
They've made our mission possible.”
Steven Koppel - EDI Institute Founder

High-Accuracy, Competitive
Diagnostics for Rapid
COVID-19 Testing

"In need of speed, efficiency,
and knowledge Mobile Jazz has
proven to be a great partner."

Averting Cardiovascular Pathologies
Monitoring Arterial Stiffness

"Thanks to the device connectivity
with our app, we're able to monitor
better our patients' health

We’ve Built Innovative Products Combining
Hardware and Software Knowledge

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Our Solutions Meet
The Highest Security
Standards & Certifications