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We're always striving to create a great place to work, an environment that allows our team to grow, learn and share.

What's It Like to Work With Mobile Jazz

Work From Anywhere

Yep, we’re a fully remote company. This allows us to recruit like-minded people from all over the world.


Every quarter we reward extra efforts and extraordinary achievements of team members.

Flexible Working Hours

Not everyone likes the 9-5. Everyone has their ideal work schedule, so MJ encourages us to choose our hours.


At Mobile Jazz, people are encouraged to put family first. Being parents should never be a barrier to career success.

Exploring the World

Several times a year we hold company retreats, skiing trips, summer camps and a retreat at a rural villa where team members come and go as they please.


We'll often pack up and set up satellite offices around the world for a month or two at a time. Thailand and South Africa are our favorite locations. Anyone can join!

Our Values

Happiness Driven

We don't like barriers and strive for a flexible work environment where each one can set their own schedule and create the space to enjoy their personal lives. Having a good work life balance is key for a happy team.

Remote but United

Despite being remote, we have created an environment for the team to thrive and learn from each other, or simple have a coffee, relax and share insights. We also organize team events where we go hiking, skiing and surfing together.

We Dig Challenges

We love building exciting high-tech projects and to work on innovative products, while at the same time, having the privilege of working on challenging and meaningful projects with the aim to have a positive impact in the world.

Our Company

Discover how we managed to become a leader in digital innovation from a four people business back in 2012 and learn the secrets behind our unique approach to remote work.

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Structure Based
on Expertise

We are engineers and designers who cover the full spectrum of software expertise, providing the perfect blend of knowledge.


  • Android Kotlin / Kotlin Native
  • iOS Swift / ObjectiveC
  • Frontend Angular / Ionic
  • Backend Nest.js / Yii2 / Laravel
  • SysOps AWS / Linux
  • Security Data Encryption
  • AI TensorFlow / CoreML


  • Brand Identity
  • Wireframing
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Motion Graphics

With Us

Even when we're not hiring, we're interested in hearing from talented people. So feel free to send over your résumé and we will be in touch once an opportunity arises.

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