It’s in our DNA here at Mobile Jazz to move our office to different locations around the globe. We find it inspiring to work from locations such as Thailand, the Alps and coming soon… Tarifa and Cape Town. Once a year we gather the whole Mobile Jazz crew to take some days off and just relax, catch up and enjoy each others company.

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This year the Mobile Jazz Summer Camp took place in Odèn, a small mountain village in the Spanish Pyrenees about 140 km north of our headquarters in Barcelona. The Mobile Jazz family was complete as our remote team members flew in from Ireland, Italy, Austria, Brazil and Mexico. This ‘mobile’ aspect of our company can be taken literally: over the years we’ve set-up our specific working methodology which allows us run our business smoothly from any location in the world (yes on many occasions that’s a beach)!

This year we found a perfect location and rented a ‘masia’ close to the la Llosa del Cavall lake, excellent for a little kayaking! At this time of the year in the Pyrenees, kayaking isn’t the only option. The lakes are beautiful to swim in and for gutsy ones, there’s cliff jumping! As most of us have a healthy eight hour relationship with a desk and computer screen, a bit of sport was welcomed by all. And what could end this day better than a Spanish style barbeque? Nothing 🙂


Our team has nine different nationalities which makes meals really exciting. The cooking was organised beforehand into teams. Each group was responsible for preparing one of the three meals during the day and with a few Italians in the team, there was competition! To give you an idea of our menu: we enjoyed moqueca, a delicious fish stew made by our Brazilian web developer, fajitas con guacamole by our Mexican colleague, pasta carbonara from our Italian team and a barbeque with different kinds of morcillas and butifarras (typical Catalan sausages) from the Spanish team.

We found that when spending time together out of the office, we discovered lots of each others hidden talents! We were all surprised to learn that our full stack Irish developer Brian, knows a lot about astronomy. We also discovered there’s a lot of musical talent in the office. Many of us play the guitar and some can even can sing along quite well. You never know, next we’ll be starting the Mobile Jazz Band?

For many of us the day ended stargazing with a midnight plunge into the swimming pool. On our way back to the house we could witness a beautiful sky where you could clearly see the Milky Way.

The United Mobile Jazz Family

One final activity we have to mention is our passion for a card game called The Resistance. We could say it has become an integral part of our out-of-office culture. We love the game so much, it’s all about finding the spies within the team using logic and psychology. Hours fly by when playing just like a weekend.

We all had a great time and are now eagerly preparing our next working autumn and winter retreats in Tarifa and Cape Town. It’s all about a great work-life balance and following our company’s mantra Optimizing For Happiness”. In the end it leads to a happier self, a more productive company and better results for all our clients.

Read about our latest company retreat in Cape Town.

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