Applying the Mobile Jazz Philosophy

Most of the people that know Mobile Jazz are aware of the importance we give to everyone’s personal work-life balance in the team. Not only do we organize weekly out-of-office activities like gaming nights (Mario Kart and StarCraft are among our favorites), playing basketball or Thursday’s beers, but we also actively encourage people to participate and have fun while being at work. That being said, the most relevant example of our efforts as a company to keep our teammates happy is the annual Mobile Jazz Weekend in Tarragona where we bring in everyone from our team that is distributed around the world to our headquarters in Barcelona.


This year we started with a great Dutch-Spanish BBQ in which Marc Torruella did the honours as “parrillero” while some others were showing off some serious “jamonero” cutting skills.


The fun continued all afternoon with everyone enjoying the swimming pool and the eclectic musician skills of Luciano and his “gang” until 3am!

IMG_1693 IMG_1823

The next day was supposed to be spent in Port Aventura but alas the rain had other plans… Instead we spent the morning playing video games (yes, we do love our video games ;-)) before venturing out for a delicious Italian meal. With our bellies full we made our way to the bowling alley (mostly to see who was the lousiest player of the team – lol) where it quickly became apparent we should all stick to programming and design! With the weekend over we said our goodbyes and each made our way back to Barcelona, relaxed and content, knowing we work for something more than just a company.

We like to say we work hard
and play hard and we definitively
make an effort to make it true.

In the end we all enjoyed a very nice weekend together with the people we normally don’t get the opportunity to share this kind of experiences with and can confidently say that investing in this makes us happier, better and helps Mobile Jazz to be one step ahead of other companies. If you’re looking for place like this to work, why don’t you give it a try?

Here are more pictures with some of the highlights of the weekend. Thanks to everyone that made this possible, Sylvia & family on top. It was, indeed, a fantastic weekend!



Luciano Santana

Full stack web developer with accuracy and passion for both frontend and backend developing.