Every Monday at Mobile Jazz we kickstart the week with a Google Hangout. This is the ideal way to get everyone together and to share what we each have learned the previous week. We’re very happy to share all this with you again.

Running a 20 People Business from the Beach

One of the foundations of our company is “Optimizing for Happiness”. Therefore we’ve set-up Mobile Jazz in a particular way to be able to respect the work-life balance of our team and at the same time ensuring that working remotely from the office – even on a permanent basis – keeps business running.  Check out how we’ve set-up our workflow.

Running A 20 People Business From The Beach.

Increase Your Productivity and Make Your Life Easier

#1. Meet The Great Suspender.

We all know that having 30 tabs open in Google Chrome is going to lead to a very bad time… What Great Suspender does is identify those tabs which haven’t been used in a while and suspends them, thus freeing up memory and improving your overall browsing experience. Download it here.

#2. Safe Password Management. 

KeePass is an open source and light-weight password manager which enables you manage all your passwords securely in one place.

#3.Watching Movies The Smart Way.

Speechyard is an online movie platform aimed at boosting your English language skills. Simply pick a movie, click on the subtitles and get translations for all the words or expressions you might not be familiar with.

#4. Getting Less Cloudy With Google Nearline.

It can be tricky looking for a good backup, archive and storage solution. In our opinion a good alternative to Amazon Glacier’s solution is Google Nearline. At the cost of only 1 cent per GB and without any upload or download bandwidth fees, it’s definitely worth checking out.

#5. Growth Hacking

This marketing technique has been around for some years and it can really save you time and money. Check out these useful resources.

#6. Turn Your Website Or Web Application Into A Real Mac App.

Running many web apps like Gmail, Trello, Asana, etc. all in separate tabs of your browser can be a real pain. Get it all organised with Fluidapp.

#7. Are You Using Google Docs? Check this out.

Extensis Fonts allows you to get rid of the rather restricted list of fonts available in Google Docs. Use this free add-on that provides a panel where you can browse, preview and apply a whole range of fonts directly from within Google documents.

News and Facts from the Mobile Industry

#1. Getting Closer To Science Fiction: Google Soli.

Controlling devices with finger cut is no longer science fiction, thanks to Google’s new interaction sensor which usesradar technology. The sensor can track sub-millimeter finger motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale and built into small devices and everyday objects. This video explains it all.

Getting Closer To Science Fiction: Google Soli
#2. Get A Sneak Peak of iOS9 Beta.

It’s the first time Apple gives us a preview into its next major release of iOS. It looks very promising: Siri – your digital assistant- is getting more proactive, the News app will act like Flipboard, the iPad provides a split screen function and finally public transport directions are part of Maps. Check it all out.

#3. Bugfender Updated

Lately at Mobile Jazz we’ve listened and worked hard to implement the feedback from our Bugfender community. We’ve improved the usability of our website and included more synchronization options. Check it out.

Bugfender updated with the latest feedback from our community.
#4. Save The Date: Pragma Conference, 9-10th October, Italy.

This autumn make sure you don’t miss the only and major event dedicated to iOS and OS X development in  Italy (Florence). There’ll be two full days of workshops and talks by renowned international speakers. Check it out.

Pragmaconference 2015, October 9-10, Florence, Italy.

Discover Useful Insights in Innovation, Technology and Business

#1. Fourteen Steps To Reach 100M+ Downloads For Your App.

Use our checklist to stand out from the masses and to get noticed in the overcrowded app stores of Google Play & Apple. Discover how to get your app in the hands (or phones) of your desired customers.

Fourteen Steps To Reach 100M+ Downloads For Your App.
#2. How To Find A CTO / Technical Co-Founder?

Finding the right CTO for your startup is one of the most important things any technological company faces almost from the very first day. And this is not an easy task. Big guys like Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook are all chasing for top talent… Check out more.

Are you hungry for more?  Read more on our ITB Insights blog.

Why is it always 9.41 AM on Apple devices? Have you noticed that all Apple marketing material mentions always the same hour? Check the answer right away.


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