As many of you know Mobile Jazz is not only about Mobile Apps development but also, about Web Development. This is becoming a very important part of Mobile Jazz’ activity and because of that we will be offering our first Web UI/UX Workshop next week.

Diverse People and Training Concepts

Wait… What’s a Web UI/UX Workshop?

You come with an idea or and ongoing project you need help with and our team of web specialists will help set you on track. We’ll give you advice and share with you our thoughts to help you get where you want.

What you get

  1. Practical ideas and suggestions to improve your project based on our experience.
  2. Ballpark estimation of price/time needed to achieve your goals.
  3. Suggestions of frameworks and technology to use in your project that will allow you to reduce costs and achieve better results.

Location: Mobile Jazz Offices (Barcelona). Napols 187 9th floor.
Date and time: Thursday November 6th from 9:30 to 14:30
Duration: 45 mins per company
Cost: Free


Fill in this form and we’ll confirm the exact hour.

Now that you know, hurry up! The time slots are limited and we’ll handpick the projects that we think we can help best.

Luciano Santana

Full stack web developer with accuracy and passion for both frontend and backend developing.