Our tagline captures it all. Mobile Jazz is an open workspace with no fixed working hours and no fixed office. Although our headquarters are in Barcelona, many of our team members work permanently on a remote basis or travel and work at the same time.

We don’t like to work in a typical or hierarchical way and instead all our team members often wear more than one hat (not to be taken literally)! All our iOS & Android engineers have direct contact with the clients throughout the whole process. There are no project managers, no separate marketing team, HR team or any other type of hierarchy.  Every member of our team is highly skilled, multi-talented and can always lend a hand wherever it’s needed.

Recently we welcomed Núria to the team. With a different background to the rest of us (she has a Master’s in History!),  here’s what Nuria got up to in her first week at Mobile Jazz:

Núria our content manager is successfully playing around with code.

Welcome Núria to world of app development at Mobile Jazz!

“Thanks, I’m excited to join the Mobile Jazz team.”

So, what is your job at Mobile Jazz?

“I’m the content manager of a big web project. As many of our clients are international businesses, this project involves many websites in different languages. It needs a day-to-day manager in order to make sure all websites are aligned and display the most updated and accurate information.”

What has been your previous professional experience? What is your education?

“I studied History at the University of Barcelona. I have worked in museums, humanities publications, organization of cultural events, in public administration, and even as a Spanish teacher. I had never professionally been involved in this field.”

What is the main challenge of your job?

“It’s the first coding experience of my life and more specifically, HTML! The content I manage is often through a WYSWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get Editor) but sometimes I need to edit the HTML directly. In this case I have to alter the text through a code editor, a software program with a stereotypical black background – like screens of The Matrix. The text is often coloured to indicate if I’m wrongly typing code.”

Do you have any technical knowledge? Have you ever programmed or touched any kind of code before?

“The only coding experience I had was when I wrote my master thesis. I was looking how to manage the document itself and I found LaTex was a very good solution. LaTex is a programming language that creates beautiful PDFs and keeps tracking bibliography, figures, attachments etc. It is widely used among the scientific community.

I have always seen code as something complicated that only people with a specific mindset can understand. The idea of typing some characters and then suddenly having a program running is pretty magical, however, with my recent experience I’ve realized it’s easier than it looks. You just need to follow the rules in a very logical way, starting with simple tasks and with time and patience, day by day you’ll learn a little bit more. Anyone motivated can learn to code.”

How do you see yourself in a year?

“Nobody knows how this will evolve. I don’t expect myself to become a computer scientist or the next autodidact software engineer. However, I’d like to see myself as someone who is capable and comfortable handling basic interaction with websites. With no fears to get into WordPress (for example), raw HTML or playing around with CSS.”

Thanks for the interview Núria.

In Mobile Jazz everyone’s happiness is our first priority. We offer very flexible work hours and remote work possibilities. But we also do cool things together. Like skiing retreats, hiking in the pyrenees or even moving the whole company to Thailand for a month. If you’re reading this, you’re lucky! We’re currently looking  for an awesome iOS or Android developer. Take your chance. Apply now.

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