The Mobile Jazz team is waiting for you

We are happy to announce that we have just opened two new job positions for fresh and talented people to join Mobile Jazz’s iOS and Android teams:

We are looking for senior candidates that share the same philosophy we have and that love to enjoy life before everything else. You will be participating in international projects in Germany, United States, Switzerland or Dubai and collaborating with our international team to build amazing and beautiful apps.

If you still have doubts on joining us, we encourage you to read more about us and about what we do, like traveling altogether to Thailand to work remotely for a month or stopping the company for a week to enjoy the winter holidays in the Alps.

How to Apply

At Mobile Jazz, we do things differently in every possible way. That’s why we have a jobs API in which we expect our candidates to submit their applications.

To submit your application you have to send a POST HTTP request to http://mobilejazz.com/jobs/apply with Content-Type set to application/json, and a JSON document as body with the following keys:

  • name: Your real name as a String
  • email: Your e-mail address where we can contact you as a String
  • about: Why you think you’re the right person to get the job done, String
  • urls: Array of Strings, with URLs describing yourself. You can include as many as you want, like your LinkedIn profile, GitHub, BitBucket, MasterBranch, etc.

For more information, please check our website http://mobilejazz.com/jobs.

About Mobile Jazz

The people behind Mobile Jazz have been working in Mobile & Web Technology since 2008. During the past 6 years we have gained a vast range of experience and in-depth knowledge within all major mobile and web platforms. We are highly proficient in creating web sites and native mobile apps across iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

We are currently operating in many countries like United States, Germany, Dubai and Spain. We have an excellent team of engineers and designers and are expecting to grow even more in the upcoming months.

We have a beautiful 9th floor office in the center of Barcelona, equipped with a kitchen and a sunny terrace as well as an XBox and Wii U for the mental breaks, and we offer the possibility to telecommute.


Mobile Jazz

One Step Ahead. We want to be at the top of what’s happening in technology, digital marketing and design. We continuously educate ourselves, and experiment with the latest trends to stay ahead of everyone else. That’s why we’re able to give you a competitive advantage in the market. On top of that, our way of working is quite unique in the industry. We're one step ahead.