At Mobile Jazz, we are doing a huge effort to work with the best projects and clients. This effort is led by our idea of being able to put together an awesome team that enjoys working in an amazing environment, using the top technologies and participating in challenging projects.

After months of hard work, we are proud to announce that we are opening a new position as part of our company’s growth strategy.

We are looking for a new Senior Frontend Engineer that will join the core team of Mobile Jazz. The ideal person would be a frontend expert (JS/CSS/HTML) with some knowledge in SQL, PHP and Object Oriented Programming. The position is full-time and can either be located in our Barcelona headquarters or as a remote position. More information about this position can be found here.

Cultural fit is very important when it comes to Mobile Jazz. We are not looking for code monkeys or people that only want to do their tasks and go home. We want someone that is actively looking to become part of our family and wants to join our culture and philosophy. #professionality and #accountability are keywords when it comes to being a team member, but also #traveling and #happiness are examples of our corporate lifestyle.

Therefore, if you think you should be the next team member of Mobile Jazz, do not hesitate and apply at

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