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Hello and welcome to the winter edition of the Mobile Jazz bulletin, we hope you’ve a wonderful holiday and are recharged and feeling inspired for 2020.

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Mobile Jazz In 2020 and the Future of the Mobile Industry

In this post, we’re going to discuss the evolution of Mobile Jazz, and the wider transformation of our industry. We’ll touch on the origins of our journey, and tell you where we’re headed in the next few years. In the process, we’ll map out the software industry’s wider direction of travel based on the insight we gain day in, day out as developers.

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From A Two-man App Agency To A World-leading Innovation House

The last time we updated our corporate design, Barack Obama was still president of the United States. The UK still hadn’t held its Brexit referendum and iPhones went no higher than a 7. So it was high time we improved our corporate branding. We want to project the image of a unique, fearless company, and it’s taken us at least a year to create a blueprint that reflects that.

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Why Design Should Be The Cornerstone Of Your Project

It’s easy to see why companies cut corners. Building a new digital product is hugely expensive – a bespoke website can cost up to $30,000, while an app can set you back nearly double that. It’s tempting to skimp on the design stage and pour every spare dime, cent or penny into development.

But if you do this, you’re short-cutting the entire process. Design isn’t just about the top-line stuff like colors, icons and typeface. It’s about the whole user experience, the shape of your product and the experience it will provide.

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Bugfender Growth: From Side-project To A Sustainable $20k MRR Business

It’s nearly five years since we started Bugfender as an offshoot of our software company Mobile Jazz. We’ve built Bugfender with a full range of customers all over the world, from indie and freelance developers (ping us for a discount if you’re one of those!) to multinationals with dozens of devs. Our co-founder Stefan did an interview with Indie Hackers in March 2017, at a time when revenue stood at $6,500 per month. That number has now more than trebled to $20,000, on a recurring basis.

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How To Win The Battle For Bluetooth

Bluetooth is stronger than ever. Everyone from location services to fast-food retailers is jumping aboard the hype train. Mobile Jazz has established itself as a specialist in Bluetooth-enabled apps, particularly in healthcare, which has been transformed more than any other sector. In this article we’re going to share some of the lessons we’ve learned in our various Bluetooth projects, in the hope that other developers can carve their own niche in this exciting space.

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Increase productivity and make your life easier! Here are a few of the great tools and tips we’ve recently shared in our weekly hangouts.

State of JS 2019

As JavaScript continues to radically evolve, here is the latest yearly survey from State of JS.

UI/UX Design Trends for 2020

Twenty design trends to watch(out) for in twenty-twenty.

State of CSS 2019

The CSS sister survey from State of JS reveals the current CSS usage and thoughts.

It’s Centred That

Test your skills and judge whether the dots are really in the middle of the shapes.

Last But Not Least


That’s all, folks. Join us again in April, when we’ll hopefully have a ton of exciting new stories to share with you.

Pablo Garcia Roca

Pablo García studied graphic design at degree level and has been working on UX and UI for many digital platforms.