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Santa Cause: Why We Decided to Donate This Year (and All Future Years) Instead of Giving Presents

Adam Smith

It’s that time of year again when companies and offices draw names to randomly select their recipient for Secret Santa. We’ve done it before (and we’ve done variations of it) but this year, we decided to do something so much better.

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Why We Froze Our Mobile Team in Order to Move Faster

Jose Luis

When problems arise, it’s tempting to attribute them to human error and carry on as usual. We did that at Mobile Jazz for some time. Then, one of our engineers saw the bigger picture. He saw a design problem—and pulled the cord.

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How to Release Apps

Jose Luis

With mobile apps, the consequences of releasing too early can vary. Your first users might experience a mildly irritating minor bug. Or they might download an app that crashes constantly, provoking them to reach quickly for the “uninstall” button.

At Mobile Jazz, we’d prefer to avoid both scenarios. Bugs slip through testing—we’re only human. But checking an app before releasing is crucial.

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How We Injected the New Bugfender Website With Personality and Boosted Growth

Adam Smith

Why do we get hung up on personality? Because we’re social creatures with an innate need to interact with one another. Personality is how we set ourselves apart as humans, how we find connections with like-minded people, how we form tribes.

Here’s how we rebranded our remote logging tool Bugfender and boosted growth.

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The Best Web Frontend Development Tools in 2018

Adam Smith

Frontend development is evolving at a rapid pace and is frequently creeping into other development areas in mobile and backend. Here are some of the best tools and libraries you need to know.

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The Best Mobile Development Tools in 2018

Adam Smith

Mobile apps continued to boom in 2017. Companies large and small have come to realise that having a mobile app is no longer optional. An app is, without a doubt, the quickest and easiest way for a company to engage and interact with their users.

For the developers behind the scenes, our tools and the services we rely on evolve so frequently it’s impetuous that we must keep up-to-date with the latest technologies. From debugging to automation, here are some of the best tools for mobile development in 2018.

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Increase productivity and make your life easier! Here are a few of the great tools and tips we’ve recently shared in our weekly hangouts.

DevCraft’s Remote Working Special

A complete roundup of everything you need to know about remote working.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Securely access your computer from your phone, tablet, or another computer.


Discover the best neighborhoods to live, work and play in.


Photon is a free and open source, syntax highlighter for the web.

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