This edition is brimming with articles based on our experiences at Mobile Jazz: how we unite our team on company retreats whilst living and working remotely, how we estimate the cost of an app, and even tips and techniques on bootstrapping products.


3 Years of Living in a Campervan and Running a 20 People Remote Business

Stefan Klumpp

Our co-founder Stefan Klumpp has spent the last three years living in a campervan, travelling and working from all over the world. People are fascinated by his lifestyle and frequently ask him questions, and so, Stefan has started a new video series.

In this first episode of the O4H VANLIFE SERIES Stefan explains his story of quitting high school, living on the beaches of Maui, working on the first self-driving cars at Stanford University and then starting a 20 people technology business that he runs fully remotely out of his camper van.

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How to Bring a Remote Office Together

Stefan Klumpp

When we started Mobile Jazz, we knew we wanted to be different. We didn’t want to be an overworked startup trying to satisfy a bunch of nameless investors. Making money for the purpose of making money sounded unrewarding, like a waste of our time and effort.

We took the risk to optimize for happiness over profit, and the results have been surprising.

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How to Estimate the Cost of Your Mobile App

Joan Martin

How much does developing a mobile app actually cost? In this article, we’ll walk you through the mobile app development process—and show you how to estimate the cash you’ll need.

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Four Lessons Learned From Bootstrapping Products

Karl MacMillan

Almost every software consulting company feels the desire to dabble with products at some point – the potential of revenue that’s not tied to people billing is just too great. But making the leap from consulting to products is often hard, if not impossible.

Based on our successes and failures, we wanted to share some things we’ve learned that might be helpful to other consulting companies considering the plunge into products.

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Optical Effects in UI

How to make optically balanced icons, shape alignment and perfect radiuses.

The Top Inbox

A Gmail plugin to send later, set reminders and track opens.


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Trello for Mac

Trello brings a desktop app to Windows and Mac.

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