Welcome to Mobile Jazz’s summer bulletin! 

We’ve been sending these updates for a few years now and we thought it’s time for a twist, keeping the essence but sharing with you more personal content from our company and lifestyle. This quarter we start a “Did You Know?” series with some unexpected curiosities and funny stories we’ve faced along the last 8 years of working remotely at Mobile Jazz.

Did You Know?

It was 2017 when Stefan (our co-founder) was enjoying a kite surfing session where he met Bastian and Sirick (both co-founders of socialPALS). There was an immediate connection and eventually, the conversation moved into business. What started as a kite surfing day ended up becoming a long-term business relationship and friendship. It has already been a 2 years journey and continues to be an exciting and evolving project.

We are happy to keep working with this amazingly talented team hand in hand, and looking forward to keeping this relationship moving in the future, bringing the value of socialPALS to most retail shops inside and outside Europe.

The Inside Scoop At Mobile Jazz

An App That Saves Your Life During A Motorbike Accident

It’s not every day that you get to crash-test motorbikes in working hours. But then again, it’s not every day that you get to work with a guy who has participated in a Dakar Rally, crossing the African desert with some of the best bikers on the planet.

That is the story of our collaboration with Stephan Kaufmann and his incredible startup, RideLink. It’s a unique project that channels the special bonds of motorbike enthusiasts and allows riders to track their journeys together.

How A Visual Prototype Helps You Pitch Your Idea And Raise Money

Ok, so you’ve got an idea for a software product. How long do you think you’ll need to turn it into something real? Six months perhaps? A year? 

Well no, actually. By investing in a prototype, you can create a tangible, physical product at lightning speed: in our experience, it can take as little as two weeks.

Why Kotlin Multiplatform Is A Great Alternative To React Native

When Google Play went live in 2008, creating a rival to the App Store, developers were vexed by one simple challenge: how to build apps that worked across iOS and Android without duplicating all the work. While the world has witnessed the birth of gene editing, the Internet of Things and the Large Hadron Collider, we’ve struggled to solve this rather basic problem.

Now, however, a crop of cross-platform app development frameworks are promising to solve this particular Rubik’s Cube for us. Of this glitzy new breed, none is as popular than React Native, the framework rolled out by Facebook in 2015. Developers love its simplicity and versatility.

Things That Excite Us

As always, we’ve been chewing over a whole stack of cool topics in our weekly team meetings. Here are just some of the nuggets that have emerged from our group huddles.

Muzli Design Inspiration
One of the best places when searching for design inspiration, with weekly updates.

Take Control Of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon
Try your skills using this amazing docking simulator based on the real controls.

Bill Gate’s Notes On Limits Of Growth
A short interesting discussion with Vaclav Smil on growth and its limits.

How To Overcome Cultural Differences In Business
Recommended book to learn more about cultural differences in business.

Last but Not Least

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Pablo Garcia Roca

Pablo García studied graphic design at degree level and has been working on UX and UI for many digital platforms.