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Welcome to the Mobile Jazz summer bulletin. Over the past few months, we’ve published three case studies highlighting our collaborations with NIFTI and the Royal Australian Air Force, AnAPPhylaxis and Medtronic. This newsletter also contains design tips on how to think differently, and details of how we’ve automated our recruitment process. We hope you enjoy this read 🙂


Nifti: How to Build an Aviation App That Works at 3,000 km/h

Since we started out in 2011, we’ve worked with Google, Airbus and AVG, delivered powerful social projects such as Worldreader and built apps for over 100 million users. It’s been an amazing ride.

But none of our projects is quite like NIFTI. Or, to give it its full name, Non-Intrusive Flight Test Instrument. The name might be dull; the mission is anything but.

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AnAPPhylaxis: Building a Safe, Clean Medical App for a Life-threatening Condition

You might have read about the London schoolboy who recently died after going into anaphylactic shock. Karanbir suffered from anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction which can be triggered by a variety of plants, animals and substances.

In tandem with a company in Spain, we are tackling the problem. We’ve worked with our long-standing associates Anna Sala and Adrià Curran to create anAPPhylaxis, an app which hooks up to a ‘smart’ Epipen case and monitors the state of the liquid inside, as well as ensuring the owner never forgets to take the case with them.

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Medtronic and agile project management

David Helping Goliath: How Mobile Jazz Revitalized Medtronic’s Project Management Strategy

Back in the mid-1950s, Medtronic was a young company led by a couple of folks with a passion for science and innovation. In 1958 they delivered their battery-powered pacemaker, a world-first which helped turn Medtronic into the world’s biggest medical device company, a giant of the Fortune 500.

Days before we wrote this article, Medtronic published an earnings report showing annual revenues of over $30 billion. So, when Medtronic asked us to work with them, it felt a bit like David helping Goliath. But, over the course of our two-year partnership, we became a major part of the Medtronic story. In fact, they say we helped revamp their entire approach to project management.

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Discover useful insights into technology, business, and innovation.

Learning to Unlearn: How to Reprogram Yourself to Become a Better Designer

Lots of great inventions of humanity were conceived when someone was just sitting around, and one of life’s everyday situations triggered something in their brain. History is littered with examples: Velcro was created by a guy who came back from a hunting trip one day and found his dog was covered in sticky little plants. The bullet train was invented by a Japanese bird-watcher fascinated by the long beak of the Kingfisher etc.

As UI/UX designers, our challenge is to follow this example. To draw something unique and special from a problem which is invisible to the vast majority of people. How do we do this, though? How do we gain this special power to see the invisible? Well, it’s something that’s fiendishly difficult for everyone, no matter how creative they are, but you can definitely give yourself a chance.

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Recruitment Automation: How to Optimize the Hiring Process With Trello and API’s

At Mobile Jazz, one of our biggest challenges is handling the sheer volume of applications we receive. Our jobs page receives applications from all over the world and the number reached a new peak recently, after our company handbook went viral.

We’re proud that so many people want to work with us, but it creates issues, too. We’re still a small company, only 20 people, and we don’t have a physical recruitment department. So how do we handle such a huge volume of interest?

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Increase productivity and make your life easier! Here are a few of the great tools and tips we’ve recently shared in our weekly hangouts.

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Last But Not Least

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That’s all, folks. Join us again in September, when we have hopefully have a ton of exciting new stories to share with you.

Pablo Garcia Roca

Pablo García studied graphic design at degree level and has been working on UX and UI for many digital platforms.