This Quarter at Mobile Jazz

After becoming a fully-remote company earlier this year, we soon realised it was time for some team bonding and we began organising this year’s first workation. We headed to Sardinia, where various team members and even clients joined us for some sun, sea, gelato and of course collaborative work 🙂

We had a fantastic time and it was hugely productive and beneficial. We’re now planning a summer camp in Las Palmas later on this year – scheduling company-wide workshops, courses and discussions to take Mobile Jazz to the next level.


Dark Patterns in Design

In the competitive world of mobile applications, you have a very short window to prove the unique advantage of your app over that of your competitors. You need to demonstrate why your app is better for the consumer. Onboarding lets you show how indispensable your product is for the user so that they keep coming back to use it.

According to Wikipedia, a dark pattern is “a user interface that has been carefully crafted to trick users into doing things, such as buying insurance with their purchase or signing up for recurring bills.” But he thinks dark patterns go far beyond that.

Some designers have hijacked design to intentionally manipulate their users into making undesirable or unwanted choices. This usually involves trying to deceive, entrap, exhaust, confuse, or shame users into doing something they don’t want to do.

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We're Hiring!

At Mobile Jazz, we’re looking for an Android Engineer and a Backend Engineer to join our team. We are a fully remote company, with a unique philosophy of work and a great team of people – that’s us above during a recent company retreat in Sardinia.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits and position requirements, please visit the links below.

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Discover useful insights into technology, business, and innovation.

How Android Things and IoT Will Transform Our World

It looks like one of the dumbest and most pointless websites in all of cyberspace. It hasn’t been updated in 12 years and, when it was active, its sole purpose was ensuring that one single Coca-cola machine in Pennsylvania was kept filled with beverages.

But in fact the CMU SCS Coke Machine website is one of the most crucial documents in the world. Because this apparently worthless jumble of pages, with their garish red background and Compuserve-era graphics, stand as testament to one of the most crucial inventions our planet has ever seen.

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Bugfender 2.0 – Behind the Scenes

Bugfender started as an internal experiment, so we didn’t give much thought to UI when we made it. But after chatting with real users, we realized we had some limitations and flaws in the Bugfender architecture. As a bootstrapped, fully-remote company, we’re committed to listening to real user feedback before writing a single line of code.

With months of critical conversations and feedback from users, we knew we couldn’t settle for the status quo. It was high time for a redesign.

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5 Reasons Your App Crashes and How to Fix Them

In 2016, on the eve of the Black Friday sales frenzy in the US, a research firm called Apteligent released a report estimating how much money firms could lose if their apps crashed on the big day. Amazingly, the authors found that nearly $300 million was at stake. And that’s just one country, on one day of the year.

If your app fails you risk forfeiting a small fortune in transactions, not to mention torpedoing your user base. Some estimates suggest that over 50% of users may uninstall an app if it crashes, freezes or behaves abnormally.

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Increase productivity and make your life easier! Here are a few of the great tools and tips we’ve recently shared in our weekly hangouts.


Prettier is an opinionated code formatter, that supports many languages and integrates with most editors.

unDraw Illustrations

unDraw Illustrations are a fantastic, free collection of editable vector graphics for use your projects.


DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.


Create fast user flows and content maps, right inside of Sketch with Flowkit.

Last But Not Least

If you’ve ever been confused by a http error and thought to yourself – ‘If only this had been explained in cat format, I’d understand it’ – we’ve found the resource for you:

Pablo Garcia Roca

Pablo García studied graphic design at degree level and has been working on UX and UI for many digital platforms.