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Welcome to Mobile Jazz’s spring bulletin!

We can’t start without mentioning COVID-19 and how it’s impacting social and economically speaking. Luckily, back in 2013 we decided to shift into a fully remote company and now we’re offering help to our customers adapting to work remotely, to keep their productivity while staying safe at home.

Despite the situation, we continue pushing boundaries focusing on how to offer better services, working more efficiently and having better design processes in our projects, and we wanted to share some of this with you in these thought days. Hope you find our articles interesting. Take care, and stay safe!

Celebrating 8 Years!

It’s been long since 2012 when we started talking about building a different kind of company, working in mobile technologies while figuring out how to build a company around people and not revenue. Today we’re a fully remote 20 people innovation company, held more than 15 team events, traveled to many places around the world while we kept working on exciting projects from big names to small startups with brilliant ideas. Happy birthday Mobile Jazz!

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Coronavirus COVID-19: How To Embrace Working From Home (Our Tips & Tricks)

When we decided to start working remotely back in 2013, we never thought about the health benefits. We chose to carve a remote path because it would make us more efficient, more fluid and more dynamic, not because it might stop us getting sick.

But now, thousands of companies around the world are going remote for precisely that reason. As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis turns into a global pandemic, they’re telling their teams to isolate themselves at home until this alarming outbreak passes.

Our Tips For Remote Working

Faster Speeds, Same Quality: Our New Approach To Multi-Platform Apps

Despite all the recent advances in mobile technology, the vagaries of Android and iOS mean they’re having to pay for the same app twice, and they’ve got no choice in the matter. 

It’s a problem which infuriates developers and their clients the world over. But we feel we’ve hit upon a real solution, one which will help us dramatically reduce our build times without compromising quality. And this can only be good news for our clients.

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Beyond the Hype: The Reality Of Machine Learning

The crazy thing about machine learning is that people keep talking like it’s the future. Like it’s something we’re going to get to in five, 10 years’ time. In reality, we’re already using it in all aspects of our daily lives.

Analysts are now telling us that the ML market will soon be worth $20 billion. In case that didn’t grab our attention, they keep saying that ML is a make-or-break opportunity. Those who don’t jump aboard, they say, will be left eating dust.

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From Wireframes To User Interface (UI)

Truly great design is much more than skin-deep. And research shows that the vast majority of apps are falling to deliver it. Two out of every four users abandon an app within the first month of downloading; after three months, the figure rises to 71%. This can bring serious financial costs, too. According to Google, a negative mobile experience makes people 62% less likely to return to a brand.

Here, we’ll show you how to weave design into the very core of your product development, highlighting a recent project of ours called Ride Link, a hardware device which syncs with a mobile app to deliver real-time information to bikers about their vehicle.

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As always, we’ve been chewing over a whole stack of cool topics in our weekly team meetings. Here are just some of the nuggets that have emerged from our group huddles.

State Of PHP In 2020

An interesting perspective on how this massively used language has evolved.

Get Things Done

Especially nowadays, a good strategy to achieve your goals and tasks.

CO2 Emissions On The Web

Technology can also help in reducing emissions.

Storybook – Component Driven-Development

An open source tool for developing UI components in isolation.

Last But Not Least


That’s all, folks. Join us again in July, when we’ll hopefully have a ton of exciting new stories to share with you to kick off the summer.

Pablo Garcia Roca

Pablo García studied graphic design at degree level and has been working on UX and UI for many digital platforms.