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Today we are very proud to to announce one of our last clients new release: TapForMenu.

Browse, Check & Book

TapForMenu is an app for Android and iOS that connects people with their favorite restaurants. Users can easily find the restaurants they like the most in their nearby area and check the menu. If they like it, with a couple of taps a reservation can be done and sent to the restaurant. Furthermore, users will be able to select from the menu which dishes you want to order, so the restaurant knows it in advance.

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Interactive & Fast

With TapForMenu users can also order food straight from their phone while being in the restaurant. Instead of using the traditional menu, now with a smart phone users can read dish descriptions and check pictures before ordering. Furthermore, the ordering can be done using the app and restaurants will automatically process your orders. Fast and efficient.

Visibility, Marketing, & Revenue

However, TapForMenu is not only a platform for final users. Restaurant & bar owners can also join the experience and publish their restaurant. In just a few steps the restaurant can be configured, adding a menu and setting up the reservations system, making their restaurant visible to all users. TapForMenu can be used as part of the marketing and advertisement strategy of a restaurant and can have a direct impact on the final revenue.

If you own a restaurant or know someone who does, do not hesitate and contact the TapForMenu team.

Additionally, TapForMenu has a very nice windows client that can be used from the restaurants computers in order to process orders, reservations and much more.

Mobile Jazz Insight

Building TapForMenu has been a challenge for Mobile Jazz. First, because of time constrains we had to parallelize tasks from the very beginning and coordinate properly our team of engineers. Our backend, frontend, Android and iOS teams working altogether, as an orchestra does, smoothly creating the platform and delivering a high quality result. Second, we had to collaborate closely with the client in order to adapt and shape the business model to what the new technologies can offer, as well as help on the product definition and the user experience of it in order to have a high usable and user-friendly app.

Finally, we would like to congratulate the TapForMenu team for finally having their platform ready and  thank them for helping that much during the development process. We are very proud of the final product and this is just another proof of how things can be well done when working in a positive environment with a high talented team.


Visit TapForMenu @ www.tapformenu.com


And download the mobile apps for iPhone and Android



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