Welcome to the Mobile Jazz Bulletin, this month we’ve got a sneak preview of our upcoming website and top security insights from Jordi; our CTO, co-founder and security expert.



This is Mobile Jazz – Our 2016 Look is Coming

At Mobile Jazz, we like to stay One Step Ahead which frequently involves reinventing ourselves. Our design lead Pablo has been handcrafting a brand-new website for 2016, setting new design trends.

We’ll also be using this opportunity to restructure our pages, displaying more information on our projects and services, a completely redesigned and improved blog and team page so you can see the faces behind Mobile Jazz.

More info coming soon.


Highlights from Apple’s WWDC 2016

As always, Apple previewed a tonne of impressive features at their annual WWDC keynote this year, unveiling new OS’s for all platforms. Just in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up the highlights of the event.

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Which Security Risks Do CORS Imply?

CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) is a security standard that permits access to restricted resources across different websites, for example; custom fonts and AJAX requests. However, improper setup of these can you leave your server vulnerable.

At Mobile Jazz, we have several security specialists in our team, who in this article, take a look at some of the risks of implementing CORS and guide you on how to enable them correctly.

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The 12 Steps to Happiness

Barcelona-based startup and tech site Barcinno featured Mobile Jazz as an outstanding example of achieving happiness in the workplace in it’s latest article. Find out the 12 steps!

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Trello Automation

If you’re a Trello user, you should check out ButlerBot. Simply invite ButlerBot to your board as a member and write cards in natural language for it to automate. Take a look at the board for use case examples.

Reclaim 5GB of Space on Your Mac

You can reclaim up to 5GB from old install images of OS X, simply follow this guide.

You Can Book Me

If you need to take bookings or reservations, take a look at You Can Book Me. It’s paid version has integration with Google Calendar too.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal is an analogue system to track the past, organise the present and plan for the future.


A Bavarian Breakfast

Stefan, Jordi and Aleix have just returned from the Black Forest where they conducted an insightful product workshop on Bugfender; an iOS and Android remote logger that helps to detect issues in applications. Whilst there, they shared a fantastic picture of their Bavarian breakfast comprising of white sausage, beer, and pretzels. What a way to start the day!

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