As some of you may already know, Mobile Jazz likes to start each week with an -imaginatively titled- ‘Weekly Meeting’, in which we deal with some of the mundane aspects of company life but also have a chance to share with one another anything interesting we may have come across the week before.

It was one such Monday a couple of weeks ago when Luciano shared with us, something which at first was met with “oh that’s cool” and “ah yeah, I did that test a few years ago” but which a few days later would come to consume the company and bring productivity to a standstill for an entire… hour!

In case you hadn’t already guessed it, allows you to take a free online personality test. It only takes around 12 minutes to complete and will look very familiar to anyone of you that have taken a Myers-Briggs test that one time during that team building exercise more years ago than you’d care to remember…

Once you complete the questionnaire having answered the usual things such as ‘Do you feel superior to other people?’ or ‘Do you often find yourself lost in thought when you are walking in nature?’ you end up with what became the source of disruption to our productivity (it was only an hour we swear!); the four (or five) letters that can be used to describe the complex thinking and feeling being that is you!

What did it reveal about Mobile Jazz?

It turns out that the team at Mobile Jazz is quite a well-balanced mix of the various personality types. We have Debaters, Executives, unsurprisingly a few Logisticians and even a Consul. We have introverts that balance the extroverts, thinkers that balance the feelers and just as many perceivers as there are judgemental assho… you get the idea.

To find out more about the attributes of our personality types, visit


What at first may appear to be a happy coincidence was in fact well thought-out. From day one the founders made a concerted effort to ensure that Mobile Jazz remained and continues to remain balanced. As the company has grown the hiring process has always been centered around not just the skills a person can bring, but how well that person will fit with the rest of the team.

Whilst that process has been somewhat informal and intuitive, as the results of the personality tests show, had we been using a more scientific approach we really couldn’t have done much better!

Take the Test

You can take the test at, we’d love to know the results of you or your team, so let us know.

We are hiring!

At Mobile Jazz we are always on the lookout for talented people to add to our growing team. If you think you would be a good fit and like the idea of being able to work flexibly then head on over to our hiring section for more information.

Luciano Santana

Full stack web developer with accuracy and passion for both frontend and backend developing.