We’re a remote friendly company. Our HQ is based in Barcelona, but we’ve got designers and engineers from all over the world: Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, England, Germany, Italy, Spain and Ukraine, some of whom, work partially or fully remotely.

One of the perks about working remotely is being able to design your own work environment, from the correct desk height to the perfect chair, the temperature of your surrounding to the music you listen to. Creating your own workspace is an awesome opportunity!

We’ve got another team-wide blog post with pictures of all our workspaces, we hope you find it inspiring!

Adam Smith (Marketing Lead and Frontend Developer)



I work both remotely from home and in the Barcelona office. I like having the option to do both: sometimes an office environment can be distracting, other times, so can my cat. There are also times I feel working alongside a teammate is invaluable and can be incredibly productive.

At home I use a glass desk, to not to feel imposing in the room, it helps to keep it light and airy. Both at home and in the office I’ll use an extra screen and a Roost stand to bring my laptop up to a good height. Some morning and evenings I sit out on my balcony, it’s a great spot for catching up and reading emails.

Diego Freniche Brito (iOS and Android Developer)


I’m using two ‘old’ computers: a late 2010 iMac and a 2013 non-retina MacBook Pro. Both are maxed-out with RAM & SSDs and work great; so I won’t need to spend out on hardware anytime soon. I love the long sunny days of summer, my quiet space, big desks and being able to choose my own equipment.

Fran González (Web Team Lead)


I’m currently travelling and working around the world, which means having to adapt to work whenever and wherever you are able to!

Joan Martin (Mobile Team Lead)


One of the advantages of working at Mobile Jazz is that you have full freedom of where to work. I decided to rent a spacious house in the mountains outside of Barcelona where I live and work remotely. Although I have an office space with a large display, I often move around the house to find the spot that fits the mood, sometimes that might be working by the pool or in a hammock between two trees in the garden.

One of my favourite spots is to place my laptop on my digital piano: it is located in a fresh and breezy area of the house, and when I need to relax; I just start playing music. The piano also doubles up as great laptop speakers!

Jordi Giménez (CTO and Co-Founder)



My home office has everything I need: a silent place to work even if there are other people at home, a big work surface (usually cluttered up with papers which I kind-of removed for the photo) and lots of natural light.

I love being on top of emerging technologies: Apple TV, Chromecast, Cardboard VR and home is a great place to experiment with them.

Luciano Santana (Frontend and Backend Developer)



I don’t need a fancy workspace: a comfortable chair, decent table and good internet connection are enough for me! Although, at home I allow myself a few luxuries; 200mb fiber and an extra screen.

When travelling and working I can live without those, but I’ll always carry my mouse pad, extra keyboard and laptop support.

It’s important to me to have plenty of natural light, so I’m not fully disconnected from the outside world.

Marc Torruella (Frontend and Backend Developer)


My skill level improved greatly since I started using my children’s coding expertise!

Núria Sagarra (Content Manager)



Among the many tasks I have to do at Mobile Jazz, I love to start off the day reviewing my emails in my garden, relaxing by the pool, enjoying the mountain fresh air and the awesome views of Barcelona.

Paolo Tagliani (iOS Engineer)



As a fully remote worker I have a dedicated home office. This helps me to separate work and personal life: having a room where you close the door after work helps to maintain a good work-life balance.

In my office I have a big monitor, a MacBook and a pair a bluetooth headphones. Is it important for me to have plenty of natural light, which reminds me to go out and enjoy the weather if it’s a beautiful day.

When I get bored or I feel tired I switch to a self-made stand up desk (Ikea hack), that helps me stay awake and aid concentration. I’ll occasionally work from bars and coffee shops to escape the routine.

Pol Batlló Casadesús (Backend Developer)


I like working in small, cosy places, where I can have a good working mindset. I use a MacBook Pro and an extra monitor to actually see what I’m working on. Although it can’t really be seen in the picture, sunlight at my workspace is a must!

Stefan Klumpp (CEO and Co-Founder)



I love nature and solitude. Distraction free time to think, read and do outdoor sports far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. That’s why I’ve chosen to spend most of my time working remotely out of my camper van. Be it in the Alps or the Mediterranean coast.

However, being in charge of running the business at Mobile Jazz, it also requires me to meet people in cities all over the world and I’ve learned to turn any quiet coffee shop into my office for the day.

Sometimes though I run into these really unique and fun opportunities where a business meeting suddenly turns into a private airplane flying class.

Vito Valov (Android Engineer)


I like to work in different spaces, poses, and intervals. As well as working from home and the office, I occasionally work from a coffee shop or even a library in one of Barcelona’s universities.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to work where they please. As a team, we work fantastically together and create hugely successful apps and websites for companies all over the world, proving it doesn’t matter where you’re located. If you’ve got an idea you’d like to chat to us about, get in touch.

Are you a remote worker? Share your office setup and tips with us. Or if you have any questions about how we work remotely, ask away!

Pablo Garcia Roca

Pablo García studied graphic design at degree level and has been working on UX and UI for many digital platforms.