This year we started our first weekly meeting – where we share learnings and experiences with other teammates – with something different. We ask everyone in our team to share their personal and professional goals for 2021 (only if they liked of course).

Personal Goals

There were many common goals, some new year’s resolution classics. Living a healthier life, spending more time with family/friends, traveling when the situation allows again. But also some surprising, or interesting ones.

One common goal for some people is to improve their scuba diving skills. It seems some liked what they tasted in our Mobile Jazz Gran Canaria event and are fully hooked now, wanting to continue exploring the oceans.

Adrià, our backend engineer, wants to cycle the world. He already did a cycling trip in 2019, crossing more than seven countries in a 3,000 km journey. This year, his goal is to cycle 1,000 km along the Mediterranean. However, doing it with his wife and baby girl!

Adrià in France (left) and at Istambul a month later (right)

Talking about journeys, Rubén, our mobile engineer, wants to continue enjoying his motorbike and making trips like the one he did from Galicia to Pyrenees (over 1,000 km) to join us at our Summer Camp in 2018. And, of course, keep growing his successful motorbike YouTube channel.

On the exercising side, Jose, our engineering Swiss army knife, wants to hit the mark of running 4,000 km in a year. When he joined us six years ago, he rarely wore sports shoes. Now, he’s the team’s Road Runner, participating in many events and beating every single time of the other runners in our team.

Stefan, one of Mobile Jazz’s co-founder’s goals, is to get his pilot license. After getting his paragliding license last year, the next challenge is to continue surfing the skies from a cockpit. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll have a private air-taxi to our events!

Even though Luciano’s goal was to diminish the goal-setting system, he opted for the challenge of developing habits and working on his own identity instead. No matter what the way is, as long as he achieves personal growth. We like that mindset!

Our Vision for 2021

Among the personal goals, everyone also shared their professional goals, and we were glad to see everyone set their own. We saw many new languages, technologies, and frameworks in our lists. Also, a willingness to keep pushing for the Harmony architecture that we created a couple of years ago, and which is now stable and returning excellent results on the projects that have been built on top of it.

Cyber Security will play a vital role in the upcoming years. Recent events have shown how crucial and fragile technologies can be. There’s a lot of room for improvement and a long path to explore and learn. It will have a significant impact over the next years.

FinTech is also making its spot in the market and growing exponentially, opening new opportunities. We’ve seen a transition from the old banking systems to better, simplified digital experiences, offering unique features to customers, such as managing and planning personal finances and access to broader investment opportunities. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we think we’ll see in the future.

Blockchain Technology, known mainly for its cryptocurrency usage, is a whole new technology opening a real new world of possibilities related to economics and applicable in many other areas (health-care, economics, mobility, etc.).

Design has also evolved into a vital aspect of any product. We now see more design-driven companies and products where the user experience is a significant factor. New hardware and software technologies go along with new ways of interacting with them. We saw substantial growth in the digital transformation of various “old” industries, desperate in need of better interactions and user experiences.

Technology continues to evolve at insane speeds, and the only way to keep innovation and freshness is by having a team willing to keep exploring and improving themselves. Luckily it’s already in our team DNA and working culture, and it has helped us build anything our clients envisioned by applying the latest technologies available. Or even inventing them ourselves.

One More Thing…

…were the final words of Steve Jobs at each Apple Keynote. As with Apple, a company now 45 years old, we at Mobile Jazz, a company soon reaching its 10th anniversary, have been continuously innovating and evolving.

While most of those innovations happened internally, many significant changes went beyond what we initially imagined Mobile Jazz to be. We spun-off an internal project called Bugfender and started an entirely new company from it. We invested in and partnered with multiple startups and made it one of our core missions to support NGOs and help them achieve their goals through our knowledge and experience in design and technology. And we invested heavily in contributing to Open Source software.

All this is what we call: “Investing in a Brighter Future.
Our name for it: Zemantics Ventures.

Pablo Garcia Roca

Pablo García studied graphic design at degree level and has been working on UX and UI for many digital platforms.