Employing our Optimizing for Happiness philosophy, several times a year we set up temporary offices in various locations around the world. Our priority is always happiness and company retreats give our remote friendly team the chance to spend some time together, both working and relaxing. Earlier this year we rented a villa in Cape Town for two months, it was an absolutely fantastic experience and one we’ll never forget.

We have written a thorough blog post, documenting every single aspect of the trip. From researching a suitable location and accommodation, through to planning excursions, team building exercises and our favourite restaurants!

Read the full post at optimizingforhappiness.com or catch the latest from our summer camp in the Costa Brava.

If you’re looking to organize a trip for your company or have any top tips to help us, get in touch!

Stefan Klumpp

Stefan grew up in a small town in the Black Forest in Germany. After dropping out of high school he started an apprenticeship as a car mechanic. Later on, he studied Electrical Engineering and developed the first self-driving cars at Stanford University.