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We’re hiring a talented Android Mobile Engineer (REMOTE) who wants to build ambitious products using modern technologies. At Mobile Jazz, we work with some of the most innovative brands in the world. From small startups to innovation departments of big corporations, we focus on projects that make a positive impact and have strong potential.

💪 Job Requirements:

  • Experience of +4 years building, maintaining, and developing Android apps.
  • Deep understanding of the Google Play Console portal.
  • Advanced understanding of Kotlin.
  • High experience and understanding of Gradle.
  • Advanced understanding of Android SDK.
  • Jetpack Compose knowledge is highly valued.
  • Java knowledge is valued but not required.
  • Experience with specific frameworks such as Maps, GPS, local databases, and others will be appreciated.
  • Experience with Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE is valued.
  • Experience with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is valued.
  • Extra points for having experience with iOS, Xcode, and Swift development.

👉 Additionally, we ask for:

  • Highly experienced in using GitGitFlow, and/or GitHub Flow.
  • A good level of English (both written and spoken).
  • First-rate communication skills.
  • The ability and aim to work remotely.

🧑‍💻 We expect from you:

  • Proposing and implementing high-tech, innovative solutions.
  • Proactively communicating with colleagues and product owners to refine application design.
  • Actively participating in the whole process of development, from initial design to deployment and support.
  • Writing meaningful clean code and doing code reviews.
  • Assist your colleagues in achieving their goals.
  • Contributing to the overall open-source project of Mobile Jazz.

🤩 The goodies:

  • Location: Remote position. Most of the team is +-3h from European time zones. Therefore, it is easier to work with people living close to Europe. Many of us travel or live elsewhere without issues.
  • Salary: Ranging from 55k€ to 68k€ depending on your experience, with options to grow up to 78k€ in career development.
  • Hours: Full-time position (40h/w). We’re flexible to accommodate a different dedication if desired.
  • Schedule: Fully flexible. Up to you to decide when to work.
  • Holidays: 31.5 days / year (21.5d of holidays + 10 bank days).
  • Extra time-off: Up to 48d/year of unpaid time off on top of regular holidays.
  • Events: 1w/year fully paid in a hotel for a team event (if covid allows it), one long weekend/year fully paid for you and your family for a summer camp event, worldwide workstation events (rental of the house paid by the company).
  • Benefits: Up to 2k€ every 3 years to renovate your laptop (belonging to you).

🙌 Personal Growth & Strong Team Culture

At Mobile Jazz, you will have the opportunity to grow your skills. You will work hand in hand with engineers who are passionate about technology, and who are actively collaborating in the open-source world. You will see yourself growing regularly in your career, using new technologies and frameworks to solve new problems, always with the help of your team.

We are a fully remote team of designers, engineers, and project managers passionate about software development and technology. We work united as a team and enjoy a great work-life balance. As a result, we built outstanding products that go far beyond expectations.

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