We are very pleased to introduce our brand new logo and tell you a little bit about how we ended up with it.

Back in 2012, Mobile Jazz was born and a logo that represented what we wanted to show to our clients at a first glance was needed. Our first logo was designed by Paco Jimenez and in his own words “The design is based on the concept of structure. We used the concept of software architecture as a starting point to establish a graphic representation of it. With this, we aimed to communicate the stability of the company itself and establish the foundations of a solid and sticky brand.”

This first logo consisted of the letter “m” colored with three tones of blue, each with a gradient, and the brand’s name in Typograph Pro using different weights. For us this worked pretty well until very recently, but we believe that the branding of a company has to be alive and evolve together with its focus and this is what led us to revising our logo.

Previous MJ Logo Applications

The Changing face of Mobile Jazz

Since we started in 2012 Mobile Jazz has participated in hundreds of projects and quite a lot of people have come and gone in that time. This has allowed us to grow not only in size but also in terms of the services we are now able to offer. This has in turn attracted new talent from areas that are more focused on the aesthetic of things. Altogether, this has allowed us to evolve and present a more up-to-date image of our brand that reflects better what we have become.

We have removed the gradients, simplified the different shades of color in our logo and also added a hexagon to it. This gives our logo a more technological essence, a more inspiring image that reflects our philosophy of always being “one step ahead”.

Branding Guidelines

Besides the logo, we’ve created a series of branding guidelines to serve as a reference for our team and clients when applying our logo in different scenarios. We think that a good logo has to go hand in hand with clear guidelines of how to apply it if you want to achieve good results.

Branding applications


Nowadays, the world of design changes at an incredibly fast pace and, together with it, new trends appear and disappear constantly. We needed to adapt to these new trends and so we refreshed our image in an effort to keep up with this fast pace.

For all this, we’d like to introduce our new branding in the hope you will remain interested in what we do in the upcoming years.

+Download branding guidelines

Luciano Santana

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