After the release a couple months ago of the iPhone app, we are very happy to announce the release of the most recent Mobile Jazz portfolio addition: Meldium for Android.



A password manager with single sign-on

Meldium is a Team Password Manager, Cloud Identity & Access Management tool. But not just that. Meldium automatically logs you in to your favorite apps and web sites without typing usernames and passwords. You get instant access with extensions for Chrome and Firefox or with apps on iOS and Android.




One-click employee onboarding

Meldium is a powerful Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool. When you hire someone, Meldium automatically creates their accounts on every web application that your team depends on. This way, your employees are productive within minutes of joining the team.




Share access without sharing passwords

Meldium enables your team to share access to apps without sharing passwords. Protect your company from phishing attacks and use strong passwords on all your services.

We are sure that Meldium will be useful for lots of users and companies. We will keep working as hard as we have for this to happen.

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