Mobile World Congress is the largest exhibition and conference for the mobile industry in the world. Since 2006, the event has taken place in our beautiful city, Barcelona. This year the conference took part over four days from 22th to the 25th of February, where over 100,000 people attended from more than 200 countries.

We attended the event and have rounded up a few highlights for you.



4 Years From Now is a global tech startup community which holds events at various locations around the world. 4YFN were present at MWC this year and provided brilliant inspirational talks and interactive workshops for over 15,000 people.

4YFN will be back at next year’s MWC, if you’re interested in attending you can check out their program at this year’s event.


Virtual Reality is Huge

It seems VR is here to stay, we saw more adoption and consumer targeted devices than we ever expected. On show was the HTC Vive, Oculus and the Samsung Gear.

The HTC Vive sold over 15,000 units in the first 10 minutes, despite it’s high price tag of $800 (which included tax and shipping). At the opposite end, Samsung’s Gear VR is available for free, when you pre-order a Galaxy S7 or Edge.

Samsung also set up an incredible 4D theater complete with Gear VR in Plaça Catalunya in the center of the city, check out their video.

Both Facebook and YouTube seem to be the driving force of VR videos. Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise appear at Samsung’s conference announcing that Facebook 360 videos would be optimized for viewing using the Samsung Gear VR.


Xiaomi Announces Mi5 Specs and Prices

Xiaomi shocked the audience when releasing details of its new Mi5 smartphone. With dual nano sims, 1080×1920 resolution at 428 ppi, 32/64/128 GB and 3/4 GB RAM, all starting at an incredible RMB 1999 (~$300 USD).


Surface Style Computers Growing in Popularity

Conventional tablets had very little presence at all, whereas Surface-style computers were on the rise.

Surfaces should not really be considered as a tablet, but instead as a tactile PC. They have their own x64 architecture and i3/i5/i7 processors and run complete operating systems, such as Windows 10 or Linux.

Why? Tablets can’t replace laptops and are limited in capabilities, with mobile phones getting more and more powerful and their size increasing, they seem to be fulfilling the needs that tablets had previously covered.


Nokia demonstrates 5G applications and capabilities

Ultra Fast 5G

Intel, Samsung and Deutsche Telekom all demoed 5G technology at MWC this year. Although it’s still in very early stages, we hope it’s ultra high speed will see a commercial release by 2020.

Luciano our front and back end developer, VR testing at the MWC
Luciano our front and back end developer, VR testing at the MWC

As mobile developers, we’re always excited by the new technology announced at Mobile World Congress. Now the conference has ended, we’ve left filled with anticipation and feeling inspired to learn, grow and stay one step ahead.

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