We’re kicking off the summer with positive vibes and especially since most of our team members have already received their COVID-19 shots. Thus, we’re excited to see this madness coming to an end. We’ve been working to bring back exciting content to our blog since we want to keep sharing our learnings, experiences, and stories with you.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting content we’ve prepared for you in this summer edition of our quarterly updates!

🧑‍⚕️ Humanizing Healthcare During COVID

It’s already been more than a year since the pandemic came into our lives. Thankfully, vaccines are now available and used worldwide, bringing us back slowly to what life was before March 2020.

Back in 2015 we partnered with the EDI Institute, an organization aiming to improve patients’ lives with mental illnesses, cancer, or other diseases through digital imagery expressions. Sometimes these collectives have hard times expressing their emotions; their feelings with words and imagery bring an opportunity to share these more visually, more viscerally, and thus, more accurately.

The program has been a success, and it’s actively being used across many hospitals in the United States, including Cleveland Clinic and University of Miami, among others.

After the pandemic started, hospitals were collapsing, and healthcare workers became exhausted heroes fighting to save lives. Suddenly, hospitals became places looking like Area 51 rather than places where humanity is born and preserved. All doctors hide their bodies behind PPE’s. It was then when the EDI Institute had a brilliant idea, using the software we created to help bring smiles again to such hazardous environments.

Using the app, doctors create badges they wear in their PPE’s. By showing a personal picture of themselves and a phrase, patients quickly started to relate with them and starting building human relationships. Also, expressing their emotions in such difficult conditions made everyone more emphatic. It was a huge success, and it brought back smiles and happiness in hospitals despite the dire situation.

💡 The Inside Scoop

How Mobile Apps Changed Our Lives

Nowadays, every adult spends 3h on average using their smartphones. It has become natural for us to pick the device from our pocket and book a restaurant table or a hotel for the weekend. Starting our car and instantly knowing where to go thanks to detailed step-by-step via the phone’s GPS. It feels like we’ve been doing this forever and always, but the reality is, it wasn’t that long ago that we were stopping our cars to unfold a paper map to figure out the directions.

Since 2008, with the arrival of iPhones and shortly after Android devices, the mobile app market boomed, and our lives started to change. Join us in our retrospective article on the smartphone industry’s impact on our daily lives.

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Common Pitfalls in Bluetooth Application Development

Bluetooth, everyone knows it, most of us use it. From file transferring to connecting with specific hardware devices, Bluetooth has opened a world of possibilities. We’ve often seen clients asking for Bluetooth to be used within their applications, taking for granted it’ll be something easy to implement. A natural assumption due to how many applications use it.

In this article, we unveil the truth behind Bluetooth. It’s indeed a powerful and valuable tool, but it’s far from easy to understand. It often requires a lot of effort and a good team with significant experience in the field.

The Truth Behind Bluetooth Development

Why Every Business Needs a Company Handbook

Back in 2012, remote was a small niche. Only a few companies considered working remotely. Even if they did, it wasn’t full-time or something natural but rather an exception. At Mobile Jazz, we’ve strived to build a remote-friendly environment since day one. But this comes at a cost, having less social interaction with your coworkers.

Spreading and promoting a solid company culture allowed us to fill these gaps. Despite being remote, we managed to enjoy an environment with excellent work-life balance and strong cohesion between team members. We’ve traveled to many places, organized workations and gatherings, and spent time together having fun while working. This was, however, something hard to convey to new applicants, yet it is one of our key pillars to success.

Discover Why We Built Our Company Handbook

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Pósturinn – National Icelandic Postal Service

While the word might not sound familiar to you, all Icelanders know Pósturinn quite well, and many of them use their services on a daily basis. It’s the national Icelandic postal service for which we’ve built a modern, sleek, easy-to-use application taking them and their customers to the future of digital transformation 📦📲

With only a few clicks, users can keep track of their shipments, create new ones or even deal with customs, including payment of taxes and document management. Pósturinn has never been as accessible as it is nowadays, in every Icelander’s pocket 🤘

😮 Things That Excites Us

As always, we’ve been chewing over a whole stack of excellent topics in our weekly team meetings. Here are just some of the nuggets that have emerged from our group huddles.

See A Satellite Tonight
If you’re as much into astronomy as we do, check out this website telling you the best times to observe the Starlink satellites or take a look at the ISS.

The Truth Behind Aircraft Boardings
Now with airplanes starting to take off again, here is an excellent video explaining why the way we board planes is entirely wrong and why companies still won’t make it any better.

Soli, Interaction that Feels Human
Google has been experimenting with radar sensors to catch up with new gestures and novel ways to interact with our phones. Will it become a reality soon?

T-Minus, track all space launches
Another space lover’s jewel. This app shows all upcoming launches and provides information and links to their live streams in just a few clicks.

😂 Last but Not Least

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