Our headquarters are based in Barcelona, a beautiful city in the north-east of Spain. We recently discovered (and to our surprise) the OECD has released figures suggesting Spain may be second worst country to work in.

With a high unemployment rate of 20.9%, job security fear is also on the rise – and rightly so, the average worker has a 17.8% chance for losing their job.

We operate differently here at Mobile Jazz, we’re modernizing work in Spain and we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about how our company works.

Our philosophy Optimizing for Happiness is the most important aspect of our work/life balance. If you want to work from home, a coffee shop or even Thailand, that’s no problem. If you have errands to run or if fresh snow has fallen and you’re dying to go skiing, that’s cool with us.

Jose snowboarding
Jose one of our mobile developers hits the slopes on his lunch break

Although our main office is located in Barcelona, we often travel and set up satellite offices (as currently in Cape Town) around the world for weeks or even months at a time. We also have some fully remote team members, so these retreats are great opportunity for us to get together and catch up.

We’ve even gained recognition from tech giants such as Virgin, who in a recent article said:

“Companies like Mobile Jazz are taking advantage of remote working and taking their team (and their families) on trips around the world.”

Source: Virgin.com | Next generation workspaces, they’re literally everywhere

Our approach is unique and forward thinking, where happiness and morale are our first priority. We know that happy people are more creative, productive, efficient and successful. There is no hierarchy at Mobile Jazz, we don’t have managers, we all earn the same wage and we all receive bonuses from the company profit sharing. Each project has a lead, but this can be any one of us. To decide who, we’ll simply discuss and figure out who’s best for the job.

Together we’ve reached some incredible achievements, building apps with over 100M users, distributed in over 100 countries, built and maintained websites and apps for various medical companies around the world and so much more.

Mobile Jazz is great place to work and we’re currently hiring! If you’re an awesome designer, web, iOS or Android developer, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more and get in touch with us at our jobs page.

Pablo Garcia Roca

Pablo García studied graphic design at degree level and has been working on UX and UI for many digital platforms.