We didn’t want to get lost in the noise with all the other boring Merry Christmas emails, so instead we decided to give everyone a chance to ease into 2015 before throwing some exciting new developments your way.

2014 Highlights

Since we started in 2011 we’ve evolved from being just a two man mobile engineering team. We’re now a 20 people strong interdisciplinary team offering a full range of services.


Most importantly, in the summer of 2014 we’ve merged with the incredibly skilled web developers from Remarkable and are now providing full-stack web development ranging from simple, but responsive websites to full blown mobile web apps to heavily scalable backend systems.Also we now have our own design team providing both web and mobile UI/UX design as well as brand and marketing design.

We’ve become a trusted resource for many big companies out there, having hosted various training courses and workshops in the fields of app development, UI/UX and mobile marketing. The feedback we’ve received was phenomenal, so we’ll be putting even more focus and efforts into this in 2015 to make our clients happier and their products more awesome.

Mobile Jazz Brand

Most importantly, we have been working on our Mobile Jazz brand and have given our logo a bit of a makeover (read more here). We have also completely re-designed our website, featuring some of our most successful client projects and giving you a full overview of our services at Mobile Jazz. You might also be interested in learning more about our philosophy, as we’re quite different to most other agencies out there and that’s something we’re proud of. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, you can also have a look at our achievements page and see for yourself that we’re not just full of hot air.


ITB Insights

We’ve always been trying to write interesting articles on our blog. However, so far they were more targeted towards a very technical audience. That is how we started, as a purely engineering-driven company. But since then, Mobile Jazz has evolved and now we offer a wider range of services including UI/UX design, digital marketing and product strategy and we’ve gained experience and insight from creating some of the most successful mobile applications available on the App Store and Google Play Store.But not only that, we’ve helped companies innovate beyond just mobile. We’ve helped them in the medical and automotive space building real-world products that make life more enjoyable and some of them have even saved lives.


To share all this knowledge we’ve decided to launch a new platform: ITB Insights. ITB stands for Innovation, Technology and Business. A knowledge base providing the latest in-depth insights, articles and white papers written by leading industry experts. We don’t intend to be another blog with fluffy articles for entertainment, but rather a trusted and reliable resource for other experts working in the innovation and technology sector that will enable everyone to make better decisions.

Check it out for yourself and make sure you sign up for the newsletter to receive regular updates about new articles.


During our time developing mobile apps we’ve also developed various internal tools to make our own life easier and improve the quality of the apps we build. We’ve fully open sourced many of them and some we are now turning into real products.The first one is Bugfender. A modern remote logger tailor-made for mobile development. If you’ve ever been involved in the development process of a mobile application, I’m sure you have came across a scenario where you or your developers simply weren’t able to reproduce a serious bug that some of your customers were experiencing. To resolve such issues you usually needed to connect to the problematic device, but that’s not so easy if that customer happens to live 1,500km away. Bugfender is here to solve this issue and provides you with live access to the remote device’s debug log.


Bugfender is currently in heavy testing with some of our projects. If you’re interested in participating please sign up for our beta program.

Life at Mobile Jazz

With all the success and growth in the recent years it’s sometimes easy to forget where we came from. Our goal was never to become a huge company. We never wanted to maximise profit, but rather optimise for happiness and quality work. We believe that, despite all the stress and deadlines in 2014, we’ve managed to retain a healthy and happy company.


A special highlight we wanted to share with you is our yearly Mobile Jazz Homecoming, where we fly everyone in to our Barcelona headquarters and spend some quality time together working on fun projects or just enjoying life by the pool and socialising with the folks you only talk to on video conferences.To go even more extreme, one of our latest experiments was to move the company offices temporarily to a tropical island in Thailand and it has been a fantastic experience. A detailed blog post will follow soon.

Featured projects

We’d like to share some recently completed mobile and web projects with you.


One of our most impactful projects in 2014 has been the launch of Skyscanner’s new hotels offering. Our skilled web engineers were working together with Skyscanner’s internal team to design, build and launch a highly scalable mobile web platform that serves thousands of visitors per day.


Have a look yourself over at http://www.skyscanner.net/hotels.html

Clubkviar (iOS)

Clubkviar, launched in early 2012, is a private gastronomic club that offers you a careful selection of a city’s top restaurants coupled with a simple online reservation service and Personal Assistant to facilitate table bookings.

As a member, you will receive privileged pricing in the form of 30% off the final bill (Yes, the drinks are included) and the guarantee of total discretion (Clubkviar works seamlessly without any coupons or cards).


Get Clubkviar on the iOS App Store.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this update! Feel free to get in touch with us at any time. You can reach us at info@mobilejazz.com

Stefan & Jordi
Co-founders Mobile Jazz

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