Every Monday at Mobile Jazz we kickstart the week with a Google Hangout. As we are a very mobile team (many of us work permanently or temporarily remotely) this is the ideal way to get everyone together and to share what we each have learned the previous week. This can range from a new online development tool we’ve discovered till the ultimate guide how to feed your cat through the Internet.

Weekly hangout @ Mobile Jazz
Weekly hangout @ Mobile Jazz

Working Remotely from a Tropical Island in Thailand

Learn from our challenges of operating one month from the tropical island of Ko Samui: from chasing a reliable and fast internet connection till acknowledging that living with your colleagues and working with your colleagues are two different things.

Working  Remotely From A Tropical Island In Thailand.
Working Remotely From A Tropical Island In Thailand.

Increase Your Productivity and Make Your Life Easier

#1. How To Start Up A Startup.

These podcasts cover all aspects of getting started with a new  startup: how to survive, grow, innovate and stay relevant in your market. Check it out.

#2. A New 3D Printing Technology Inspired  By The Movie “Terminator”.

Check out this new 3D printing technique based on… liquid! Science fiction is becoming reality.

#3. A Straightforward Way To Validate Your Idea.

Have you heard of The Mom Test? This book explains how to talk to customers & validate whether your business is a good idea when everybody is lying to you.  Especially relevant for testing newborn mobile app concepts.

#4. The Ultimate Way To Prepare For A Client Meeting.

Getting ready for a client meeting just became a little bit easier. With the help of the Charlie App you can get a detailed report on the person or company you are about to meet.

#5. New Emoticon Candidates.

Ever wondered how new emoticons make their way to our screens? Check out this blog post from Unicode and see for yourself how the “selfie character” will soon be part of our alphabet.

News and Facts from the Mobile Industry

#1. Apple Time: The Latest Updates from the Cupertino company.

Check out our coverage of the  WWDC 2015 event.

Apple Time: The Latest Updates from the Cupertino company.
Apple Time: The Latest Updates from the Cupertino company.
#2. Mobile Jazz provides secure Enterprise Push Technology.

If security and privacy is a concern, you can never completely trust a push service in the cloud. Therefore we developed our own which runs 100% on your infrastructure, following your management policies, compliance guidelines and release cycles. Try it out.

#3. Your New Content Assistant on Twitter: Juice (by Paper.li).

Nowadays everyone is busy looking for new and relevant content in order to keep their followers interested. This can take up a lot of time, which is exactly why Mobile Jazz was commissioned by Paper.li to create Juice. By understanding the content that your followers like, Juice is able to make suggestions for new content in order to keep your audience engaged.

#4. Mobile Jazz At Startupbootcamp.

Startupbootcamp IoT & Data ’15 Demo Day Pitch: Datumize from Startupbootcamp on Vimeo.

Discover Useful Insights in Innovation, Technology and Business

#1. How Is Everything-As-A-Service About To Change The World?

Even your side-salad. Click here to find out.

How Is Everything-As-A-Service About To Change The World?
How Is Everything-As-A-Service About To Change The World?
#2. How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mobile Application?

This is by far the most frequently asked question from our clients. Click here to find out the answer.

Are you hungry for more?  Read more on our ITB Insights blog.

We all need a mental break from time to time. Get inspired!

Cop nap
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