We started the quarter with an optimistic outlook, immersed in interesting and innovative high-tech projects. The pandemic is starting to ease and we are already planning our first real team reunion after 2 very long years. It’s going to be Lisbon in Portugal.

And no, we are not going back to having an office. We are still completely remote despite the fact that many companies have not been able to survive the change. We tell you some interesting tidbits on the subject in our featured articles.

Without further ado, let’s get down to it. We hope you like it!

– Pablo García: Head of Marketing & Design

Did You Know?

Our team includes iOS, Android, Frontend, and Backend experts. Each team has its own methodologies and uses different programming languages. That’s why we have poured over 6,000 hours into creating Harmony, our in-house open-source framework. Harmony defines a series of patterns and implementation guidelines that help software engineering teams to work together much more efficiently.

We don’t want to bore you with the technical details, but we can boast that we have produced several cross-platform applications in record time and with jaw-dropping efficiency.

If you want to know more, you can read our article, or visit the public documentation.

Our team set out a year and a half ago to share the best UI/UX interactions every week and we already have more than 60 examples to date!

Not only is it a source of inspiration, but you will get to know the key concepts behind each design thanks to the explanations of our design team. Sounds interesting?

Discover them all on our Instagram feed or by following the hashtag: #uiuxinteractionoftheweek

The Inside Scoop

Four Tips To Get You Started With Software Security

Did you know that in 2021 alone, there have been more than 5,000 confirmed data breaches? This is staggering, especially considering that more and more personal data is being stored in the cloud. So how do we create secure software? There is no magic formula, but we explain some of the basic measures that should be taken to avoid risks.

How we build secure software

The Time We Went Remote When Nobody Else Did

Now that the pandemic is easing, many companies are returning to the office. Why? Wasn’t remote work the new normal? The thing is, not all companies are ready to make the leap to remote working. It requires a change of mindset, a titanic effort, and a powerful team. But once you get there, the benefits of working remotely are worth it and you can become even more efficient than working in the office.

How? We explain it in detail in this new article.

10 years working remotely

How To Choose the Right Agency To Build Your App

You want to create a new application or software and the time comes: which agency should I partner with? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This article explains what you should look for when you’re looking for a new technology partner based on our 10+ years of expertise working in the industry. Designing and developing a digital product is not always easy, so you better surround yourself with a spectacular team.

Make the right choice

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MagicBell SDK
We all receive thousands of notifications a day. From social networks, news readers, food delivery services, games, and so on. Almost any app today uses notifications to connect with its users. However, developing an app’s notification system is not trivial, especially when it has to work across different platforms.

This is why MagicBell was born, a service that allows you to integrate a notification system in the blink of an eye across multiple platforms. We partnered with them in 2021 to bring their impressive API to the Apple and Google ecosystem, creating the new iOSmacOS & Android SDKs. A giant step forward to reach many, many more developers and users.

Things That Excite Us

As always, we’ve been chewing over a whole stack of cool topics in our weekly team meetings. Here are just some of the nuggets that have emerged from our group huddles.

NFT Madness, Now In Cars

Alfa Romeo’s Tonale will use NFT digital certificates to assure the car has been properly maintained.

If It Where My Home

How does your country compare to others when it comes to living? Check it out on this website!

PORTL 3D Holographic Calls

Will this be the future of video calls? From science fiction movies, holograms make the leap to reality.

Spinal Cord Electrodes

Impressive breakthrough in science and technology enables paraplegic people to walk, swim and even pedal.

Last But Not Least

What it really looks like bringing a new product to market.

People often just see the end result, not knowing what you’ve done to get there.

Source: Lars Behrendt (LinkedIn)

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Pablo Garcia Roca

Pablo García studied graphic design at degree level and has been working on UX and UI for many digital platforms.