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We’ve created a remote logger tailor-made for mobile development

Today we’re opening Bugfender to the public with our beta program. While Bugfender is already a stable and working product, we still need your feedback to decide what features to develop next. The beta program is your chance to get 3 months of free access (plus additional 3 months if you invite your friends) to the Bugfender “Unlimited”

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Let’s see what Bugfender actually does

    Logs are sent remotely from the device to our servers, so you can check what’s causing trouble.
    Logging can be enabled or disabled for each device individually and remotely.
    Logs are always stored locally on the device and will be transmitted as soon as the device goes online again.
    Logs are organized by sessions, devices and app versions. Via our admin panel you can easily find what you’re looking for.
    Simply add the Bugfender CocoaPod to your project and start logging remotely by using BFLog instead of your default logging method.
    For each logging session you will get information about the device so you can check OS versions and device features.
    Set tags and log levels for each log line to later search and filter entries within the log viewer.

If you’ve ever been involved in the development process of a mobile application, I’m sure you came across a scenario where you or your developers simply weren’t able to reproduce a serious bug that some of your customers were experiencing.

To resolve such issues you usually had to connect the problematic device to your development machine via USB. But what are you going to do if the customer that is experiencing this specific problem happens to live 500 kilometers away?

Bugfender is solving this problem by providing you with real-time access to the device’s debug log console.

Bugfender Session Viewer

Bugfender is not just another crash reporting tool. Those tools let you know when your application has crashed. Bugfender instead, helps you diagnose the issue when your users are experiencing any kind of problem (even if there’s no crash). Here’s more info on how Bugfender compares to Crashlytics, Bugsense, HockeyApp, Crittercism, Splunk MINT and others.

Built by Mobile Jazz

We built Bugfender from our own needs. Since last month, 100% of our Mobile Jazz clients have Bugfender integrated into their apps. And it works just like a charm.

Jordi Giménez

Jordi has worked as a project manager, developer and security analyst in web, iOS and Android. He’s worked for companies big and the small in government, banking, insurance, healthcare and IT.