This month we've got details of Apple's new iPad Pro and some great tools and gadgets for you to check out. Our CEO and co-founder has shared a great video of his time in Sri Lanka and we're going to blow your productivity through the roof with the Pomodoro technique.


Mobile Jazz and Medtronic

We started working with Medtronic in January 2015 on a small web project. Over the past year our relationship has gone from strength to strength, we now maintain more than 20 websites worldwide, have designed and developed several brand new sites, created multiple email campaigns and are now exploring into the realm of apps.

Medtronic is a world leader in healthcare. Their innovations are saving millions of lives all over the globe, words just can’t describe how honoured we are to work with them. We’ve visited their European headquarters in Switzerland three times over the past few months, always arriving to a warm welcome from an incredibly friendly and caring team. We can see a long lasting and fulfilling relationship ahead with Medtronic and are looking forward to what’s to come.

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The Productive Pomodoro

I very rarely come across a life-changing tool or app. I had heard of the pomodoro technique for years before I tried it, which because of it’s simplicity, I had just totally disregarded. Now I use it all day, every day, and sometimes it still shocks me how applying this simple method can drastically improve my productivity.

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Fran’s Competition Win

During the Mobile Jazz retreat in Cape Town, our web team lead Fran won 500 Rand in a competition for best photography of the Africamps Hotel.

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Stefan’s Sri Lanka Edit

Late last year our CEO and O4H co-founder Stefan Klumpp went on a two-week trip, exploring the beautiful island of Sri Lanka to discover and evaluate new remote working opportunities for the team at Mobile Jazz.

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Cocktails at Adam’s

At the end of the week and tough Friday, the MJ team went to Adam’s for an evening of cocktails and canopies. It was a fantastic night fueled with a few too many French 75s, Martinis and Manhattans!


Discover useful insights in innovation, technology and business.

Improving the Workplace by Understanding Our Evolution

Claire Burke from The Guardian wrote an interesting article offering tips on how we can design our workspaces to sharpen focus by understanding our roots.

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Apple Launches New iPad Pro

In March, Apple revealed it’s new iPad Pro 9.7” tablet, a downsize of their 12.9” iPad Pro and inline with the size of previous iPads.

The new iPad Pro 9.7” has the same appearance, finish and thickness as the iPad Air 2, but the new edition outshines every model when it comes to battery live – boasting 10 hours of usage.

The greatest feature of this new iPad though is it’s compatibility with the new Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard. These new exciting tools present us with great opportunities for the future (we’ve already got one and it’s fantastic).

If you own a website or mobile app, we suggest you test it on the new iPad Pro’s to ensure compatibility. If you need a hand with this, we can help.

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Increase productivity and make your life easier, here are just a few of the great tools and tips shared from our recent weekly hangouts.

Trello’s Chrome Extension

Increase your productivity with Trello’s new Chrome extension.

A Second Screen

With Duet Display you can use your iOS device as a second screen.

Lap Desks

Had enough of standing desks? Try out iSkelter’s Slice lap desk!

Fast Reliable WiFi

If you’re tired of poor WiFi in your home or office, take a look at Eero, a new wireless solution that just works.

Extra Storage for your iPhone

iKlips have created a series of flash drives for your iPhone, offering upto 128GB of space!


One Final Thought

With our Cape Town retreat, Winter Camp in Austria and trip to Switzerland we’ve being have a lot of fun team bonding recently. Our CEO Stefan stumbled across this image that spoke to us all and couldn't be truer.

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