Every Monday at Mobile Jazz we kickstart the week with a Google Hangout. This is an ideal way to bring everyone together and share what we have learned in the previous week. Once again, we’re really excited to share this with you.

We’re Not An Agency!

Our tagline captures it all. Mobile Jazz is an open workspace with no fixed working hours and no fixed office. There are no project managers, no separate marketing team, HR team or any other type of hierarchy.  Every member of our team is highly skilled, multi-talented and can always lend a hand wherever it’s needed. Recently we welcomed Núria to the team and, she has a Master in History!

First days of Nuria in the world of html.

Increase Your Productivity and Make Your Life Easier

#1. Boost Your Productivity with a Tomato Timer.

Tomato Timer is a tool for time management and productivity. It lets you focus in 25 minutes blocks followed by a five minute break to help increase concentration. Try it out.

#2. Where Coding Meets Music.

If you are a coder, dreaming of composing your own music, meet Alda! It’s a very simple and intuitive programming language for writing music, with a quick learning curve for people with no coding skills.

#3. Recover Images from a Damaged SD Card!

Instead of crying because you’ve lost your photo collection of your honeymoon… give it first a try with PhotoRec. Many chances you’ll recover all your images, even from a damaged SD Card!

#4. Pimp Your Screens.

Add some colour to your daily life with our Mobile Jazz wallpapers. We’re happy to share them with you. All sizes available for mobile devices, desktop and TV.

#5. Nobody Likes Advertising, but with Adpure It Might Get Relevant.

Adpure is an online tool to optimize your marketing campaigns based on real-time events, adding the extra hit of relevance. For example, home delivery deals will be displayed on rainy days. Check out some possibilities.

#6. Sitting Is the New Smoking. Get a ‘healthy’ Desk.

We’re fans of this promising startup Jaswig who are doing a great job in challenging our sitting culture, especially interesting for the laptop workers amongst us.

#7. Getting Too Many Clients Requests Through Email?

Be creative! In order to follow up efficiently tsunami amounts of client requests, why not try Trello to create a ticketing system. Add a Scrum extension on top and you’ll have a complete package for mobile project management.

News and Facts from the Mobile Industry

#1. The future of Apple Revealed.

Last month Apple presented its second keynote this year introducing the latest range of their amazing products. Once again Apple introduced revolutionary new products and features that will change the way we use and interact with mobile technologies and TV. For those who missed it, check out our summary and get a glimpse of the future.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 09.41.20

#2. The Potential of Native 10 Windows Applications.

If you ask the average developer ‘Would you build an app for the Windows platform?’ chances are you’ll get ‘Win.. what?’ as a response. For most people, the word Windows is tied to the general idea of something ‘bad’ or ‘ancient times’. Years have since passed and a grand unification of the whole Windows ecosystem is underway. Check out the potential of the Windows 10 platform, more than 75 million users are waiting for you.


#3. Get Started with Google Cast SDK.

Take it one step further! As a mobile developer the Google Cast SDK lets you extend your Android, Chrome or iOS app to control a TV or sound system. Turn your app into a big screen experience!


Discover Useful Insights in Innovation, Technology and Business.

#1. How to Make Money with Your App?

There are many different business and revenue models available to help you make money from your application (or to at least regain the IT’s development costs). App success stories aren’t like lottery tickets. First of all you need a solid business plan which supports all aspects from launching an app to making sure it survives in the store. Only then the basic question pops up: How much revenue can I get from my app? And over what amount of time? Check out the eight most common used revenue models for apps.


#2. How to Write a Great App Store Description?

Think of the App Store as a teenager going through those awkward years of adolescence. A bit clumsy and disproportionate, they haven’t yet figured out how to move gracefully or instil confidence so they can be trusted. That’s how we look at Apple’s App Store and the Google Play platform: completely overwhelmed with the amount of apps hitting their database and utterly lost trying to provide a reliable search method for users searching for value.Check out our five steps to write an app description that makes the difference.


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In the Mobile Jazz Headquarters located in Barcelona,
the main languages are Spanish and English.
We often speak in our own code here too, so we’d thought we’d share this image
which sums it up pretty well!


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