Every Monday at Mobile Jazz we kickstart the week with a Google Hangout. This is an ideal way to bring everyone together and share what we have learned in the previous week. Once again, we’re really excited to share this with you.

Mobile Jazz CEO Stefan Klumpp on Ethical Business Podcast

Stefan Klumpp, one of Mobile Jazz’s co-founders was interviewed on the Ethical Business Podcast by Fair Marketeers. He gives interesting insights into his past, his philosophies and how he broke the rules to achieve happiness.

Listen to it here »


Team Building

At Mobile Jazz, we like to make sure we regularly spend some quality time together. Whether that’s on a trip abroad, enjoying a meal or simply sharing our knowledge, we’re always up to something!

Hit the Slopes

As snow falls in the Catalan Pyrenees and mountain ranges surrounding Barcelona, a few of our team members have hit the slopes, getting some practice in before our upcoming ski retreat in March. As we’re tech lovers, we’ve been testing out a few apps and highly recommend Ski Tracks a GPS track recorder app, bergfex/Ski for status (iOS, Android) and the Suunto Ambit3 Peak smartwatch. Keep an eye out in a few months time and we’ll report back after our trip!


Discover Useful Insights in Innovation, Technology and Business

What UX Means to Mobile Jazz

Here at Mobile Jazz, we take a human focused UX path, taking the time to obtain a deep understanding of our client’s users. We have a few basic principles we like to follow, find out more about them here.


Increase Your Productivity and Make Your Life Easier

Native Media Controls

BeardedSpice is a menubar application for Mac OSX that allows you to control browser based players with the media keys found on Mac keyboards.

Native Mac Proxy

Proxyapp.io is a simple and easy to use, native OS X proxy app, for only 0,99€! Find it in the Mac App Store.

Empty States

Get some design inspiration for those screens we always need, yet we always skip! http://emptystat.es/

Key Promoter

This little Intellij IDEA plugin pesters/educates you with a pop-up when you could have used a shortcut to perform an action.


The future of banking is here from Number26, with no international transaction or withdrawal fees, a beautiful app and ultra fast setup!

Responsive Mail Resources

An amazing collection of resources and tools for both designing and developing email campaigns.


Netlify is a premium hosting service for modern static websites.

Command Lines Apps

A beautifully curated list of awesome node.js packages and resources.


RightFont is a fantastic app to preview, sync, install and manage fonts on Mac, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Window Management on the Mac

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily manage your apps window spaces, check out Moom and Swiss Arrows.

Under the Radar

indy podcast on iOS and Mac development.

One Final Thought

Everyone has a different perception of designers and programmers and what it is we actually do. We’ve found this image which helps to summarise this!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this update!

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