Every Monday at Mobile Jazz we kickstart the week with a Google Hangout. This is an ideal way to bring everyone together and share what we have learned in the previous week. Once again, we’re really excited to share this with you.

How to Work and Travel Around the World for One Year

Starting in December, our web team lead Fran will be travelling the world whilst continuing to work remotely. In this post, he shares useful ideas, strategies and tools to enjoy your trip and to ensure work runs smoothly.


Team Building

At Mobile Jazz, we like to make sure we regularly spend some quality time together. Whether that’s on a trip abroad, enjoying a meal or simply sharing our knowledge, we’re always up to something!

Rooftop BBQ

Earlier this month we had a (and what I hope won’t be our last this year) roof top BBQ. As always, our partners and friends were invited and together we had drinks, played games, ate beautiful food, all whilst watching the city night lights of downtown Barcelona.


Coffee Cupping

After our weekly hangout, one of our team members will often present an inspiration talk, sharing their knowledge with the rest of the group. During November, Adam conducted a coffee cupping in the office!

We had a great time tasting six different coffees from across the world. Roasted locally and internationally from Panama and Guatemala to Indonesia and Ethiopia. Needless to say we were super effective that afternoon!


Increase Productivity and Make Your Life Easier

Here are just a few of the great tools and tips shared from our recent weekly hangouts.

#1 – N1 from Nylas

If you’re looking for a new email client, check out N1 from Nylas. It’s a new, open source and extensible app, which is allows you to add or write plugins to customise your email experience.

#2 – Mockaroo

When developing applications it’s important to test them using realistic data. Oftentimes, creating this can be monotonous and very time consuming. This is where Mockaroo can help. It’s a realistic data generator, which provides an easy interface and allows you to customise your data’s field ids, types and even the output.

#3 – Talks for Designers

Uideo.net is collection of inspirational videos (425 and counting) for designers, from UI and UX specialists and conferences from around the world.

#4 – API Index

If you’re searching for a specific API, try looking on the ProgrammableWeb’s site. They have a huge index of over 14,000 APIs and may be just able to help reduce your time searching.

#5 – Tiny Apps to Enhance Your Mac OS Experience

Our web developer Luciano switched to a Mac this month and has already discovered a few great little apps. Check out HyperSwitch, HyperDock, Scroll Reverser and Spectacle.

#6 – Page Analytics Chrome Extension

Google has a fantastic Chrome extension which allows you to see in page analytics, directly on your website. The extension provides useful insights about user behaviour and flow. If you’re a Chrome user, get it here.

#7 – Startup Validator

If you’re deciding on a name for your startup, make sure you quickly run it through this tool. It checks for domain and social media availability.

#8 – Metadata Shields for Open Source Projects

If you have an open source project you may be interesting in displaying its metadata with these beautifully designed and recognisable badges.

Discover useful insights in innovation, technology and business.

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One Final Thought

An important thing to remember when designing, is that people may not always use your creation the way you intended 🙂


We hope you’ve enjoyed this update!

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