As many of you may have heard, Apple made some big announcements regarding their future line of products. Following our ambition to stay one step ahead at Mobile Jazz, we would like to give our readers a quick update in order to be prepared for the future changes. 

Starting on Sept. 19, Apple will sell four different iPhone models. By adding two new models to its line of iPhones (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) Apple will now try to cover as many needs as possible.

iPhone models

New product category: Apple Watch

After years of rumors and speculation, Apple unveiled its first wearable device, officially called Apple Watch. It was presented as an extension of the iPhone, and it has a huge focus on fitness. It will monitor your vital signs, keep track of your fitness goals, and sense the difference between how long you’ve been sitting or standing.

Apple Watch

Apple Pay

Apple’s mobile-payments system is another disruptive move that has been discussed by analysts for a long time now. We don’t yet know the exact details about how well the NFC payment system is going to work, but if Apple’s demo is close to real life, this is a genuine game changer. It’s going to revolutionize how people buy everyday items such as groceries, cosmetics, fast food and medication. Apple will also open the Apple Watch to third party applications, so there’s an emerging opportunity to reach new audiences through the wearables platform.

Apple Pay

So, if you want to make sure you are fully covered for these new implications, ask yourself the following questions:



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