We have just opened two new positions in our team and we are looking to hire one iOS and one Android Engineer to be part of Mobile Jazz.

Role Overview

As an Mobile Software Engineer you will join the core engineering team of Mobile Jazz. You will work closely together with other mobile developers and backend engineers, as well as with UX experts and graphic designers on delivering excellent consulting work for our international clients.


  • Excellent engineering skills.
  • Strong CS fundamentals (basic algorithms, design patterns, etc.).
  • Personal projects that show an aptitude for engineering and product sense.
  • Experience shipping at least one application to the online store (AppStore/Google Play).
  • Experience with other mobile platforms, web or back-ends is a plus.
  • Fluent in English.


How to Apply

Prepare your application with your CV (LinkedIn profile is fine) and a text describing why you’re interested in this position and why you think you’re the right person to get the job done. Please also add any relevant links to technical blogs and personal projects you’re involved. GitHub & Masterbranch profiles are always a plus.

Finally, submit your application by sending a POST HTTP request to with Content-Type set to “application/json”, and a JSON document as body with the following keys:

  • “name”: Your real name as a String.
  • “email”: Your email address where we can contact you as a String.
  • “about”: Why you think you’re the right person to get the job done, String.
  • “urls”: Array of Strings, with URLs describing yourself. You can include as many as you want, like your LinkedIn profile, GitHub, BitBucket, MasterBranch, etc.


About Mobile Jazz

We believe that mobile is the next big thing and are working on a range of products and services to disrupt existing industries with fresh concepts and new technologies.

The people behind Mobile Jazz have been working in Mobile Technology since the advent of the modern smartphone in 2008. During the past 6 years we have gained a vast range of experience and in-depth knowledge within all major mobile platforms. We are highly proficient across iOS & Android, enabling us to innovate in the mobile sector.

We are a distributed team of highly skilled engineers, designers and marketing experts with headquarters in Barcelona and satellite offices in the United States, Dubai, Germany, Austria and Poland.

We have a beautiful 9th floor office in the center of Barcelona, equipped with a kitchen and a (mostly) sunny terrace as well as a Wii U for the mental breaks.

We embrace flexible schedules and remote working.

Mobile Jazz

We're a 25 people strong engineering + design team based out of Tallinn. We build innovative software and enjoy life while traveling the world.