5 Steps To Writing An Excellent App Store Description

Think of the App Store as a teenager going through those awkward years of adolescence. A bit clumsy and disproportionate, they haven’t yet figured out how to move gracefully or instil confidence that they can be trusted.


That’s how we look at Apple’s App Store and the Google Play platform: completely overwhelmed with the amount of apps hitting their database and utterly lost trying to provide a reliable search method for users searching for value.

Share a story, don’t just talk about features


It’s been scientifically proven that human beings are emotional creatures that are programmed to connect and be moved into action by storytelling. In the few lines that you’re provided for your app store description be sure to tell them the story of their future self. What will your app help them do better than they ever could before? Are they going to save 10 hours of time per week? Are they going to make more money using your app? Are they going to get smarter? Share the story that helps your audience get where they’re going…faster.

3 Seconds — That’s the attention span you’re working with

You only get a couple of lines to describe your app so make them count. Put the good stuff on top, because most people just don’t read.

Location Location Location

You need to put yourself in the shoes (or sandals or wooden clogs) of your audience. Remember, billions of people have smartphones that don’t speak English so localize your app description to their native language.


Don’t speak Korean? That’s okay, there’s plenty of help on Fiverr and Odesk for a quick translation.

Screw it, just do it!

The only way to know anything for sure is to test it. Try experimenting with different wording and phrasing, then measure the results. The trial & error method is a lifesaver when you’re really lost and if the results get worse, just revert back to the original.

Social Matters

Get your app into the hands of influencers and the press. Even if you have to manually convince them one by one, just get people talking about your app on social media. Don’t be afraid to massage your numbers or current accomplishments just a bit. No one needs to know that only you mom and her book club friends are your early adopters.

Here are a few examples that we love:




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