OmniFocus is simply one of the best applications available for GTD (Getting Things Done). Unfortunately, OmniFocus only offers Apple applications, with each device having it’s own paid-for app. This means it can be costly or impossible for Android users like myself, to quickly take notes and set tasks on the go; something required for the GTD methodology. So, over several weeks and many app trials, I’ve found this can be achieved very easily by combining OmniFocus with Evernote; a multi-platform application for taking notes.

Linking Tasks

Both Evernote and OmniFocus use deep links; an address linking to a specific task, article or page. By using deep links, we can easily share our tasks and notes between apps.

Adding Tasks to Omnifocus from Evernote

To migrate a task from Evernote to OmniFocus, have the two applications open and ready.

  1. Right (secondary) click on the note you wish to copy in Evernote.
  2. From the menu that appears, you’ll see an option called “Copy Note Link”. Push and hold the ‘alt’ key on your Mac and this will change to “Copy Classic Note Link”, select this option.
  3. Next, move on over to OmniFocus and more specifically, into the notes section of your task.
  4. Finally, simply paste (cmd + v) and your link to Evernote will be added.


Adding Tasks to Evernote from OmniFocus

Adding a note from Evernote to OmniFocus is even easier:

  1. Open your task in Evernote.
  2. Then simply drag your task from Omnifocus into Evernote and voila, the link is added.



I now find it quick and easy to take notes using Evernote when I’m out and about. When I get back to my Mac, I can easily link the two together, using OmniFocus as my productivity task manager.

One last bonus tip: it’s good practice to have all of your tasks and notes in a well-organized manner. Use the same hierarchy for projects in both applications, so you’ll instantly know where are the tasks and notes are.

What applications do you use for taking notes or managing project tasks? Let us know.

Jose Luis Franconetti

Jose Luis Franconetti

Jose Luis is a senior software engineer, with a strong experience in mobile, backend and dev-ops.