Google just announced on their official blog that they’re partnering up with a bunch of fashion brands to bring their Android operating system to Wearable Technology. However, in their introduction video the use cases they’re presenting are all limited to smart watches and not showing any other kind of wearables, not even their own Google Glass.

Android Wear

Google calls their new technology stack simply Android Wear and it will be an add-on to the already widely successful Android SDK. Initially Android Wear is only available as a Developer Preview, but knowing Google we expect rather fast iterations over the next weeks and months. At the moment the main user-facing features seem to be notifications and voice commands, including composing a message or response via voice input.


For developers Google Wear initially comes with the following core features:

  • Build Custom UI: create custom card layouts and run activities directly on wearables.
  • Send Data: send data and actions between a phone and a wearable with data replication APIs and RPCs.
  • Control Sensors: gather sensor data and display it in real-time on Android wearables.
  • Voice Actions: register your app to handle voice actions, like “Ok Google, take a note.”

More information on the developer preview can be found within Android’s Developer Portal.


Among mobile developers following the current hype of the Internet of Things today’s announcement from Google was overdue for a long time already, as other third party companies have pioneered this space successfully during the past years and even Google’s main competitor Apple recently launched CarPlay, a tight integration of their mobile devices into various cars from major manufacturers.

Here at Mobile Jazz we’ve been working on various Internet of Things technologies for over two years already and will announce some interesting products in the upcoming months. If you’re curious to learn more about those technologies or even interested in working with us feel free to contact us at any time.

Stefan Klumpp

Stefan Klumpp

Stefan grew up in a small town in the Black Forest in Germany. After dropping out of high school he started an apprenticeship as a car mechanic. Later on, he studied Electrical Engineering and developed the first self-driving cars at Stanford University.