We are very proud to let everyone know about the successes of our clients, so today it’s Fleisure’s turn to be featured in our blog.

Remember the things you want to do

Fleisure is an app that helps people bookmark and remember the things they want to do with their free time: the books they want to read, the movies they want to see, the restaurants and bars they want to try.


Books, Movies, Restaurants

The idea is to help people easily capture and share all of the insights they have every day about things they might like: while walking by a cute restaurant, when reading a review of a book or while talking with a friend about a movie.

Your data, your privacy

As detailed in Fleisure’s privacy policy, the app will send you offers and reminders exclusively on the things you’ve already saved to your list and you can always opt not to receive any. This is in stark contrast with the many sites and apps selling users’ data to third-parties like data brokers and marketers, who in turn track those users across the web and build “customer profiles” without their consent.

Top 10 in Apple App Store

Last week Italy’s app store picked Fleisure to be one of the best new apps displayed on the app store homepage. The website of Corriere della Sera, Italy’s main newspaper, also picked up Fleisure as one of the best new apps. Currently they are ranked as high as #4 in their category (food & drink).


Website: www.fleisure.com
Link to Italian app store: appsto.re/it/PqKt2.i
About page: blog.fleisure.com/?page_id=97

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